Robotics Jobs Recruiting Expanding Due To New Applications

Robotics applications and engineering job recruiting growing with more robot scientist engineer IT R&D technical and manufacturing jobs than robots talent
Robotics jobs recruiting is growing exponentially despite the coronavirus pandemic. This is a direct result of many new robot applications being adopted daily. Two new examples of robotics deployment are the toys and farming industries. This is resulting in escalating recruitment of robot engineers, scientists, research and development (R&D), information technology (IT), technical and manufacturing technology talent.

Further Robotics Employment By The Toys Industry

Sphero made a name for itself making robot toys, including the famous droids from the Star Wars franchise such as R2-D2 and BB-8. But now the company wants to up its game.

Sphero recently announced the creation of a spinoff company, Company Six. The new company will leverage its team members’ robotics toys to build robots for public safety.

The company’s goal is to build robots that can be used in a variety of dangerous situations encountered by workers in fields including police, fire, EMT and the military.

Jumping Robot Vaults Farming Robotics Into The Future

Part drone, part hopper, the CropHopper is designed to jump across fields to scan crops, identify weeds and diseases, as well as to carry out mechanical weeding and spot spraying.

Key to its operation and endurance is a carbon-fibre jumping leg. This has two flexible arms that look like an archery bow. These are tensioned and bent into the bow shape by an electric winding mechanism. When the tension is released, the bow arms spring back to their original shape and in the process propel the CropHopper into the air.

CropHopper is a jumping robot that operates autonomously. Jumping up to 10 m per point, (for 10 m x 10 m grid boxes) it stops and takes 12 m² high- resolution images. In the future it will also be able to apply spot sprays and it has already killed weeds with a rotary hoe.

Robotics Job Recruiting Requires Herculean Staffing Efforts

Because of the continued expansion of robotics into new applications such as toys and farming, robot job recruitment will become increasingly more difficult in the near future. Our recruiters at Strategic Search Corporation are continuing to find a lot more job openings than qualified robot experts to fill those jobs!

This is especially true for software engineers, hardware engineers, mechanical engineers, biomechanical engineers, R&D (research and development) scientists and others working to improve robot technology will soar with further robotics applications. Therefore, robotics is a field of extreme employment promise. However, job candidates need to sharpen their STEM skills in order to be recruited into this growing field.

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  1. I think that this is a great article.
    However, I think that there are a few missing pieces that may interest other readers.
    The first item of interest to mention would be how robotics have increased in use in the entertainment world. I know that you mentioned toys, but there is now a large use of robotics in Theme-Park Rides, such as the Harry Potter Experience and many other examples of where robots are used to enhance the entertainment experience.

    The other key item that is not fully addressed is the total amount of Safety Engineers now involved in this expanding field. You mentioned STEM for certain engineering opportunities, but Safety is also another key aspect on many levels.

    One last thing is that some people fear robotics because people don’t fully understand the benefits of how robotics can help improve our world and quality of life. I think that robots have been portrayed in a negative light in the movie industry. Making it sound as if robots are going to replace humans. That is not the fact. Robotics are to help augment and improve our lives. in-fact I have been involved in many robotic installations and no one lost there job. They were retrained to do other functions. I am sure that you can expand on that issue much better than myself and tie all three of my thoughts into one main thought.

  2. Jeff,
    I greatly appreciate your sharing your insights in my recent article spotlighting the state of robotics and robot job recruiting. I agree that safety engineers is an important consideration. Thanks for bringing this engineering fact up.


  3. Very interesting article, drones have even changed filmography, shots that weren’t possible before are possible with drones and robotics. I foresee more robotics being utilized in very repetitive motion across many verticals. Automated distribution warehouses like Amazon and the counterparts in other countries are truly revolutionizing distribution warehousing and global logistics… I just saw a very interesting interview with SpaceX President and COO, she said that almost all 7,000 employees at SpaceX do some sort of software coding. With the continued lower cost and miniaturization of mechatronic devices (motors, controllers, piezo-electronics, sensors, etc), lowering the barrier of entry for what used to be niche industries will continue to drive innovation in many industries and with 3D printing and other many cutting edge new technologies. I don’t believe machine learning will take over human intelligence any time soon. Especially with word play, i don’t see machine learning being able to replicate human intelligence and humor just yet.

  4. Marshall,
    I greatly appreciate your insights on my recent article on the state of robotics and robot jobs recruitment. Especially important were your ideas about drones and how robots being utilized in repetitive motion and automated distribution warehouses.

    Thanks so much,


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