The primary focus of our career coaching is to teach you the best worldwide interviewing practices!


It is an unfortunate fact, but true. Most employers place an inordinate amount of weight on the performance during the interview. It’s almost like an acting audition for a part in a movie or a play.

Often times the result is the candidate who lands the job is not necessarily the most qualified. Instead the person with the best interviewing skills may literally triumph as the winner in an often times brutal competition.

Selling Yourself!

We therefore feel that the most important part of securing a job, outside of meeting the technical qualifications, is being able to sell yourself during your interviews.

This takes advanced ‘sales’ skills which we can help you develop.


"{A} Few years ago Scott coached me in preparation for {an} interview. Since then I had nine interviews and every single one landed me a job offer. Not that I needed as many but having choices is always nice. Scott methods are very simple and effective. They work for both sides assuring perfect fit. (After leaving a job at a failing company) “I got invitations to three interviews in the same week…{A} Few days after I had three job proposal contracts on my desk, all six figures. I would never expect that in this tough {job} market. The only reason why I write this to you is that your interview method worked perfectly for me yet again. Including…this makes it four interviews four hits."
-Janusz Pankowski

Exclusive Training

Our exclusive training helps you better sell yourself during the all-important job interviewing process. And these added skills help separate you from the competition and increase your chances of landing that ‘ideal’ job.

We enlist two special tools to better prepare you to interview:

  1. The 12 Commandments of Interviewing, which include our top interview practices, and
  2. The Real Benefit Exercise, a series of award-winning videos.

Both will ensure that you perform well during your next employment interviews.

…As an intake director of audio/video library materials, I was asked to review your (The Real Benefit Exercise) DVD, and happened to be applying to a job opportunity at another library. I followed your system and did my homework…I had an outstanding interview!…Based upon personal success, I now enthusiastically recommend your DVD to any and all who are even just thinking about interviews!
-Karen Leight

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