The Real Benefit Exercise: Guide To Million Dollar Interview Preparation

The Real Benefit Exercise™ takes the sting out of losing a job and setting the emotionally distraught job seeker along a steady path toward reemployment. The video offers a wide range of basic, upbeat, straight-from-the-shoulder strategies that can be used by technical, professional, and managerial job hunters. Through role-playing the "right and wrong ways" to respond to interview questions, career coach Scott Sargis urges job seekers to research each prospective employer, videotape practice interviews, learn to field illegal, pointed, or embarrassing questions, and always focus on how you, the interviewee, meet a prospective employer's needs. With its beneficial approach, this program will find use with individuals, public libraries, and corporate HR departments -- Recommended. -- Nancy Z. Spillman Economic Education Enterprises Canoga Park, CA
The Real Benefit Exercise

Scenes from the highly effective interview preparation course, "The Real Benefit Exercise"


How are you and how is your business doing in these tough times.

I have some news. I left Intermatic two months ago as the company was struggling to stay in business in the existing state of the housing market.

Now listen to this, I got invitations to three interviews in the same week, one in Florida, one in New York and in New Jersey. Few days after I had three job proposal contracts on my desk, all six figures. I would never expect that in this tough market. The only reason why I write this to you is that your interview method worked perfectly for me yet again. Including Intermatic this makes it four interviews four hits.

Thank you for the lessons. We will be moving to Florida in few weeks from now.

All the best. "
Janusz Pankowski 

"Dear Scott,
I am writing to let you know what our patrons think of your new tool - The Real Benefit Excercise DVD. As an intake director of audio/video library materials, I was asked to review your DVD, and happened to be applying to a job opportunity at another library. I followed your system and did my homework following the suggestions on your DVD. As a result, I had an outstanding interview! In fact, the director personally called me to indicate that the decision panel 'enjoyed my interview, preparation, portfolio of recent accomplishments and projects'! Of course, I followed up with an immediate and appropriate 'thank you' note. Based upon personal success, I now enthusitically recommend your DVD to any and all who are even just thinking about interviews!

Sincerely yours,
Karen Leight GML
Information/Web Technician

P.S. - Scott, yes you may use this 'praise' on your web site. I don't usually gush but it really is a very good DVD - thank you for your creation. Best Wishes"

"Over the past two years I have had the opportunity to successfully employ the information I learned from The Real Benefit Exercise twice, winning executive positions for two different employers.

After my company downsized, and my position was eliminated, I read the usual "How To" books on how to write a winning resume and successfully interview for a job... The Real Benefit Exercise is a different approach... By mastering The Real Benefit Exercise, I felt more relaxed and better prepared to answer interview questions. The video material was very well done, and I feel this media is very effective in explaining these techniques.

...I recommend and encourage all job seekers, no matter their profession, age, sex, etc, to explore The Real Benefit Exercise. This program is the most effective material I have seen on the market today."
Robert B.

"I found the strategies I learned from Mr. Sargis extremely helpful for landing my job as a Senior Technology Scientist. After providing me feedback on my resume, Mr. Sargis provided a great deal of practical advice that helped me sharpen my interview skills. I even followed up by reading his advice posted online - which I also found very useful. In particular, his mantras: "Practice, Practice, Practice" and "Sell, Sell Sell" proved to be truisms when it came to my job interview."
Minmin T.

"In today's competitive job market, companies can screen hundreds for resumes for just one position. They may interview 10 - 15 candidates, so how do you win? Just like sports, it's game day that counts. Developing a plan, preparing, and execution are at the heart of Scott's Real Benefit Exercise. I can tell you first hand, I won...and I attribute my success to Scott's disciplined process."
Chris G.

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