AI (Artificial Intelligence) is Changing The World!

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AI or Artificial intelligence is changing our lives daily. Futuristic breakthroughs, chronicled in past TV shows like “The Jetsons” and Movies like “Back To The Future” and Steven Spielberg’s “AI” are happening at a rapid pace. That’s the reason Yahoo Finance says the artificial intelligence market will grow to $291.5 Billion by 2026! Another example of the importance of AI is ChatGPT, OpenAI’s Chief Executive Officer, Sam Altman,is trying to raise $5 trillion to $7 trillion to “boost the world’s chip-building capacity, expand its ability to power AI!

Artificial intelligence research and development (R&D) includes innovative games, driverless cars, robot bankers, medical and surgical robots, sight and sound recognition, cyber security and improved decision making systems. Companies like Amazon, Apple and Tesla are all investing heaving in artificial intelligence.

What Does AI Mean?

Artificial intelligence is an often misused term. Artificial Intelligence simply means intelligence in machines. This contrasts with natural intelligence, which is found in humans and other natural organisms.

As machines become increasingly capable, facilities once thought to require intelligence are removed from the definition. For example, optical character recognition is no longer perceived as an exemplar of “artificial intelligence” having become a routine technology. Capabilities still classified as artificial intelligence include advanced Chess and Go systems as well as self-driving cars.

What is the role of an AI engineer? Unfortunately, many people have difference notions, which are primarily wrong!

Strategic Search Corporation: Experts In AI Recruiting!

As President and CEO of Strategic Search Corporation I am on the cutting edge of artificial intelligence recruiting evidenced by my recent TV appearance on WGN TV’s sister station CLTV. For example, during the interview I brought up about the new movie “Sunspring” where the entire script was written by an AI program called Jetson!

I regularly share my artificial intelligence updates and expertise with my recruitment team. As a result, my organization is also well versed in AI staffing. I personally coached them about the importance of artificial intelligence long ago. As a result, all my recruiters have developed multiple recruiting pipelines to ensure that we can surface the brightest AI candidates for you!

Many public and private institutions are rapidly adopting artificial intelligence. As a result, demand for AI talent far outstrips supply!  therefore, you need a recruitment partner who can quickly surface key AI talent for you that is on the cutting edge of R&D (Research and Development), scientific, engineering, technical, IT (Information Technology) and manufacturing. Strategic Search Corporation can help you!

Your recruitment partner for AI should be Strategic Search Corporation.

Many Quickly Adopting AI: Demand Outstrips Supply!

Many companies such as AIBrain, Amazon, Anki, Apple, Google, IBM and Facebook are quickly adopting AI for a multitude of applications. This has created a lot more demand than supply for key AI R&D, scientific, engineering, technical, IT and manufacturing personnel.

For example, Microsoft is also teaming with the Knight Cancer Institute to use AI to develop personalized drug mixes on a patient-by-patient basis. This would employ AI to program cells for fighting cancer and other diseases. We know this and are on the cutting edge of AI information because we subscribe to the best AI journals and sites in the field of artificial intelligence!

Also, IBM and MIT are applying artificial intelligence for better sight and sound recognition. The new IBM-MIT Laboratory for Brain-inspired Multimedia Machine Comprehension is a multi-year collaboration between the two organizations that will be looking specifically at the problem of computer vision and audition.

When you see or hear something happen, you can instantly describe it: “a girl in a blue shirt caught a ball thrown by a baseball player,” or “a dog runs along the beach.” It’s a simple task for us, but an immensely hard one for computers. Fortunately, IBM and MIT are partnering up to see what they can do about making it a little easier.

Sony’s CSL research laboratory has applied AI to the songwriter’s role. The FlowMachines software scanned 13,000 pieces of sheet music from a variety of styles, allowing a human composer to pick a style and have the software generate both melody and harmony. Audio recordings were matched to the melodies, before humans polished up the resulting song.

The first song, “Daddy’s Car,” echoes The Beatles’ famous pop style and even manages to throw in a bit of Sgt. Pepper’s-style distortion towards the end. The song is part of an album produced entirely by AI and due to be released next year.

Moreover, there are five artificial intelligence developments that will shape the future. This is further proof that many are recruiting AI, machine learning (ML), Big Data and other artificial intelligence technologies into their businesses at an increasing rate.

You Need An AI Recruitment Partner Who Knows The Field!

Because artificial intelligence is changing so quickly, one needs an artificial intelligence recruiting partner who understands the field. Strategic Search Corporation is just such a potential partner.

All of our technical, engineering, R&D, scientific, IT and manufacturing recruiters, including myself, regularly write on the subject. Furthermore, I am regularly consulted and quoted on artificial intelligence.

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Scott Sargis, President