Technical Recruitment

The technology industry is growing at break neck speed. Wouldn’t you agree you therefore need a technical recruiting partner to keep you abreast of all the latest worldwide technical developments? READ MORE

Engineering Recruitment

The development and application of advanced technology has brought forth products ranging from delivery drones to self-driving cars. As a result, engineering jobs and staffing opportunities…READ MORE

Scientific Recruitment

Scientific breakthroughs are occurring every day. Therefore you need a scientific recruiting partner to keep you abreast of all the latest worldwide scientific developments? READ MORE

R&D Recruitment

Every day in the news you read about a key R&D development such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) or self-driving cars. As a result, you need a R&D (Research and Development) recruitment partner to keep you abreast… READ MORE

IT Recruitment

IT is changing daily with new technology replacing the old. Wouldn’t you agree you therefore need an IT (Information Technology) recruiting partner to keep you abreast of all the latest worldwide… READ MORE

Manufacturing Recruitment

Manufacturing is changing at a break neck speed. Wouldn’t you agree you therefore need a Manufacturing recruiting partner to keep you abreast of all the latest worldwide Manufacturing… READ MORE

4 Reasons to do a Retained Search with Our Firm

Because we are in a war for R&D, engineering, scientific, IT, technical and manufacturing talent, it is imperative that your recruitment partner is very vigilant in their recruiting practices. To that end, we offer four unique tools to help you secure only the best technical, engineering, scientific, IT, R&D (Research and Development) and manufacturing candidates worldwide to meet your needs. This includes: a) our unique 3-step recruiting process and b) very thorough background investigations (e.g. criminal and civil checks as well as credit checks and 9-point drug screening). This has resulted in our 87 1/2% completion rate on all retained searches. This means that we complete recruitment assignments that we start for you! That is why we can offer you a 6-month replacement guarantee. This means that if for any reason you are not satisfied with the talent you acquire from us within the first 6 months, we will replace them at no additional search costs. The key is research and development, scientific, engineering, IT, technical and manufacturing talent is in very short supply and high demand. All six of these areas are stressing out recruitment teams especially since when technical and engineering positions are left unfilled, the company’s projects are often way behind schedule costing the company vast amounts of dollars in lost profits! Click on any of our 4 buttons above for more details on each of our 4 unique recruitment offerings. All will help us to help you recruit only the best engineering and technical talent for your needs!

Consulting Services

Because we are on the cutting edge of best worldwide practices to attract and retain key technical and engineering talent, we can easily teach your company’s key staff members’ better and more creative ways to attract and retain your top talent. And better recruiting practices translates into lower costs and higher retention rates for your company. Especially for hard-to-find cutting edge technical and engineering talent such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and VR (Virtual Reality) where the sampling frame of talent is small and the demand is large!

12 Commandments of Recruiting

I have created these twelve commandments of recruiting to better assist you with your technical recruitment and placement needs. As a technical headhunter with over 23 years of staffing experience, I have filled many hundreds of technical jobs worldwide for such clients as ITW, Intermatic and Wrigley Company. These are just a few of the employment tips I have accumulated. The beauty of them is they will apply to a wide range of jobs; not just technical jobs and technical hiring.


"Scott has done an outstanding job presenting me with two fantastic opportunities over the last 12 years. He provides an excellent process for both the company and the individual to follow during the assessment phase and then follows all the details to make it happen. I could not be more pleased with the dedication and personal touch Scott delivers. I enjoy following Scott's many achievements and look forward to many more years staying connected "
-Chris Grayson
VP of Operations at T. HASEGAWA USA