Our Proven 3-step Recruitment Process Includes:

  1. Personal meetings with all your key executives to develop a comprehensive needs analysis doctrine. This also includes reviewing stated job descriptions and uncovering hidden employment necessities specific to your unique corporate culture. This comprehensive consultative process will include sharing additional parameters that may not have been considered based upon the distinctiveness of your work environment and limitations of the current talent pool. We will spend unlimited time on this very important step before pursuing the remaining steps because this will provide the roadmap of your search and ensure that we surface only those candidates who truly meet your unique needs!
  2. Engaging in an exhaustive process of sourcing all viable candidates including: a) employing our 150,000 candidate internal database b) utilizing all relevant mass databases (e.g. LinkedIn, Monster) c) contacting all related industry associations and utilizing their related databases and jobs posting sources and d) directly recruiting candidates from agreed upon competitors.
  3. Applying thorough background investigations on all finalists for your position including: a) utilizing our unique 12 Commandments of Recruiting techniques to both further screen candidates and uncover other leads who may be better qualified b) meeting finalists face-to-face to uncover additional information c) checking references d) confirming educational credentials and e) applying our trademarked Accu-check criminal and civil investigation process.