R&D Project Engineer

Job Description:

Our client is a very progressive, fast growing company in St. Charles, Illinois that is a leader in scissor lifts (e.g., they are the #1 supplier to the U.S. Post Office and a big supplier to Amazon.com). They are also a fully integrated and fully contained, U.S. operation with all design, engineering, quoting, purchasing and manufacturing done at their St. Charles facility!

They design and build complex, custom automation equipment that includes sophisticated robotics.

They are growing very quickly with so much work. That is why they have the immediate need for 1-2 new R&D mechanical engineers!

Ideally, they would like to find someone with:

  • At least 2 years’ solid design experience (the more the better).
  • Require extensive background with machine design, including analysis/design of steel structures
  • Thorough knowledge of welding, machining, and other fabrication processes
  • Knowledgeable in basic hydraulic circuit design
  • Experience with basic electronic control circuits (switches, relays, etc.) required
  • Experience with more complex control/automation (electric motors and drives, PLCs, etc.) is a plus

Why Consider this company?

  1. They are the largest dock lift manufacturer in the U.S.
  2. They are expanding into new product lines, growing and room for advancement.
  3. Highest quality products in their niche with a lot of value-added engineering. As a result, margins are averaging 40-50%!
  4. Very progressive company added six more state-of-the art welding robotics last year and adding more this year!

Company keys:

  1. Full manufacturing capabilities
  2. Processes: 1) cutting, burning and shaping of steel 2) welding of steel into structures 3) machining and 4) final assembly including painting and testing of products before shipping to customers.
  3. Materials: 1) mostly mild steel 2) some medium hardness steels and 3) grades of steel: 836 for plates and 1020 for bars and 1045-cylinder rod bars (higher strength).
  4. They have over 1600 products in their catalog and every one of their products can be modified.
  5. They are focused on unique, “one of a kind” custom machinery!
  6. They currently have 13 total in engineering: a) 5 degreed engineers and b) the rest are designers or drafters.
  7. They currently have 4 design engineers.
  8. They are the largest dock lift manufacturer in the U.S.
  9. They are expanding into new product lines, growing as a company and there is room for advancement.
  10. Low volume, larger, custom products with high margins averaging 40-50%!
  11. 62 total employees (e. a nice, small family atmosphere and opportunity to get involved in a lot more aspects of the total product design, development and manufacturing).

 Job Description:

Perform functions to develop and design new, specialized, or redesigned existing products to meet customer or management specifications and requirements.  Project extents are from concept to production.

Under limited direction and from management or customer specifications, layout, design and develop products using 3-D solid modeling software. Gather information internally and/or externally as required to further develop product specification. Create (scalable, if possible) designs using spreadsheets, sketches, drawings, specifications, estimates, requisitions, proposals, and other information pertinent to the project. Evaluate and disseminate information, specifications, bills of material and cost estimates through interdepartmental meetings and periodic product design reviews. Verify designs are compatible with our manufacturing capabilities. Make necessary calculations. Prepare bills of materials, cost and labor estimates, quotations, and product information.

Perform other related duties as assigned.

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