Recruiting Engineers Challenging | Robust Staffing Crucial

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Recruiting engineers is getting more and more difficult. With 273,000 new jobs and the 113rd straight month of job creation (another new record) reported by today’s Labor Department employment figures, employers increasingly having difficulty with all recruitment efforts. This is especially true for engineering recruiting. This necessitates robust and creative engineering recruiting efforts.

Constantly Recruiting Engineers Is The Solution

At Strategic Search Corporation we are experts in engineering recruitment. As a result, we realize that recruiting engineers can be a Herculean task. This is especially true for cutting edge fields such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). As a result, we developed several tools to help our employer clients. One of which is our Twelve Commandments of Recruiting.

In particular, our 8th Commandment which is, “Constantly Recruiting.” This means not waiting for a job opening for recruiting engineers or other key talent. Instead, network, connect on social media, attend trade shows and industry events where your desired engineers and other potential employees will be present. Uncover quality engineers and other talent wherever you go.

Once you take these steps, build your engineering staffing network and keep in contact with prospective employees. Then when a talent need arises, you can quickly fill it by tapping into your employment database.

So, remember to constantly recruit!

This 8th Commandment – “Constantly Recruiting” will help you streamline your engineering recruitment process. Additionally, you can apply this recruiting tip to any other staffing needs where demand outstrips talent supply, not just engineering recruitment.

This is just one of the many employment tips we gathered over our 30 years of recruiting experience. It applies universally to a wide range of jobs, not just engineer jobs and engineering hiring. You can use it for most jobs and employment situations wherever you are having recruitment issues.

Strategic Search Corporation Is Moving!

Recruiting of engineers continues for Strategic Search Corporation, just at our new location. We will soon relocate to 205 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 810, Chicago, Illinois 60601. You can continue to reach us by phone at 312-944-4000. Our other contact information remains the same.