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Digital Signal Processing recruitment is growing as AI, robotics, IoT, VR and AR are all recruiting DSP technical engineering scientific R&D IT and manufacturing technology talent
Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology is the cornerstone of most cutting edge technology today. For example, digital signal processing drives much of machine learning in artificial intelligence (AI). It also steers eyesight and movement in robotics. Furthermore, it is embedded in many other cutting edge technologies including virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and Internet of Things (IoT).

Digital signal processing jobs are also contributing to our nation’s lowest level of unemployment since December 1969! Additionally, DSP recruiting has helped fuel our record 103rd straight month of job creation!

Many DSP Engineers Lack Interviewing Skills

The demand for digital signal processing engineers far outstrips the supply of qualified DSP talent. But talent alone does not always lead to job hiring.

Digital signal processing expertise alone is not enough to impress prospective employers. One must also know how to effectively convey their DSP talents during the all-important interview hiring process.

Many engineers, scientists and research and development (R&D) professionals fail to secure positions during their job interviews. Job candidates often stumble on interview questions. The result is employers questioning their R&D, science, engineer or information technology (IT) abilities.

Every candidate must therefore realize that their interview is: a) a critical step in the hiring process as well as b) a procedure centered upon an actual “sales” presentation.

Guide To Million Dollar DSP Interviews

At Strategic Search Corporation the focus of our worldwide recruitment efforts are technical, engineering, R&D, IT and manufacturing technology recruiting.

We therefore developed a special tool to help our engineering, scientist and technical talent stand out during their job interviews. The Real Benefit Exercise was developed and refined to help you better sell and market yourself in job interviews.

We studied top salespeople extensively to determine the exact skills they used to close deals. Then we extracted those behaviors and adapted them so non-sales people (e.g. engineers) could replicate the skills during the interview process.

Interviewing Expert For Many Media Outlets!

Many major media outlets regularly contact me, including both WGN and CBS Radio, for advice on best practices in interviewing and landing a job. One example is my recent interview on CBS Radio affiliate WBBM News Radio 780 on Wednesday, April 24th with hosts Kris Kridel AND Cisco Cotto. During that interview, I discussed how employers are now considering older workers due to the lack of qualified job candidates. Please click here to listen to the segment in its entirety.

As an expert I therefore recommend that you MUST ace your interview to land the job. Following the tenants of my Real Benefit Exercise will greatly assist you in this process.

As a talented DSP engineer, you can write your own ticket in today’s marketplace when you perform well during your interview. This is the case because digital signal processing is the cornerstone of many cutting edge technologies including AI, IoT, robotics, VR and AR.

Call me today at 312-944-4000 to discuss how we can assist with your digital signal processing interviewing and recruiting efforts. This includes engineering, technical, R&D, IT and scientific talent recruitment. Or click here for my full contact information.