Virtual Reality | Augmented Reality A Must For Your Business

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are now omnipresent. Online shopping is made more convenient with virtual reality apps. AR visualization tools make stock analysis easy. Pokémon like games entertain people at home and take them out of the game room. There also many examples of how augmented reality and virtual reality ease the way we are doing business.

What Are AR and VR?

Augmented reality is a technology that overlays digital objects and information over the physical world. They thus provide an enhanced version of the real world. Versus virtual reality, which creates a virtual surrounding.

Both of these technologies are somewhat related, but are also different in various aspects. Both are based on spatial computing, but provide a different user experience. The applications of these technologies are enormous and they offer a way to digitally augment the real world.

Let’s explore why these two technologies are gaining popularity and why they are becoming desirable now and in the future. In my opinion, here are five crucial reasons why every business must have an AR and VR strategy:

1. Workforce Training Without Any Risk
AR transforms the face of industrial training. It makes the training more immersive, interesting and safe. Training of newcomers becomes quintessential on the manufacturing floor where risks are high and safety is the main concern.

Workers can be accurately trained and their performance analyzed within a simulated environment using augmented reality and virtual reality. This is accomplished without high costs or damage to equipment. It ultimately results in many fewer fatalities on the shop floor.

2. Enables Us to Extract More From the Available Data
Companies started having problems while handling huge accumulations of data as soon as the age of Big Data started. It became difficult to extract valuable insights from two-dimensional data that could translate to a three-dimensional world. Everyone is in need of technology that can bridge this gap and provide complete in-depth data analysis.

Augmented reality brings the digital world into the real world, thus creating a bridge between the two worlds. These let management extract more usable information from the data.

For instance, a survey revealed that more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced on daily. Harnessing and analyzing such an enormous amount of data for an actionable insight becomes far easier with AR to help visualize the data.

3. Let Your Customers Feel Special
It’s a fact, consumers love to experience and explore new and innovative things. With augmented reality, every business can bring innovation and can rule over a major part of their consumer group.

For example, Snapchat gained a huge surge in the number of users when it introduced AR filters, which were new to people. Likewise, the Pokémon game had 28.5 million users in its first month and its revenues were $100 million in only 20 days.

A survey reveals that almost 50% of the customers prefer shopping at the retailers where they will get AR and VR experience.

4. Your Retail Shop Could Out Perform Online Shopping
Flipkart, Amazon and Myntra like online shopping stores transformed the way people shopped when introduced. It would be correct to say that this must make every retailer think about his or her own services.

People feel more convenient to shop on these platforms rather than visiting the stores. There are many reasons shoppers feel that way. They find online shopping more convenient, products are easier to explore and it’s easy to engage with the products.

Tanishq is introducing a good example of this at some of their stores. With AR apps consumers can select and try any item virtually without actually trying it. This makes the consumer’s shopping experience easy, entertaining and effortless.

Augmented reality and virtual reality can also help you engage your customers with fewer employees at your shops. Customers can browse product details and learn more about them before purchasing in the store. They can also learn about other opinions about a product by simply scanning a QR code on an AR or VR app.

5. Appreciate Impulse Shopping To Aid Your Selling Rate
AR and VR provides an immersive experience to consumers. It sometimes invokes people to buy something instantly, even if they do not intend to buy that item.

72% of the people admit they bought a product just because of the unique experience they got. Technology affects people’s shopping habits. It drives higher numbers of consumers.

These technologies attract people, help them understand more about products, businesses or services, let them explore more, let them interact more with the people and products, help them make a decision, solve their doubts or problems and answer their queries.

All in all augmented reality and virtual reality are making an impact on how people see, think, and react.

VR/AR STEM Jobs Provide Higher Wages

To meet the constant improvements and technology marvels in VR and AR more and better-trained virtual reality and augmented reality STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) talent is required.

Virtual reality and augmented reality engineers, scientists and technical talent earn six-figure salaries. Adding jobs in those fields is another way to help boost the wages of U.S. workers.

Our Engineering | Technical Recruiting Team Can Help

Strategic Search Corporation can assist you with recruiting VR and AR talent for your staffing needs. Our vast experience helps us uncover the best engineer, scientist and technical candidates. We also ensure your candidates are well prepared for your job interviews. As a result, candidates will be able to more quickly share relevant job information you need to evaluate them and lead to your company’s ultimate success.

In Summary

Technologies are like VR and AR are invading our lives at a greater pace and everyone must think about their usage and implementation. Those already using such technologies can go even further if they continue exploring their potential. Whoever is not using them should immediately start working on their strategy and must adopt virtual reality and augmented reality technologies that can be game-changers for their business.

The market is seeing new innovation, development and constant progress in technology. One must keep an eye here to watch, adopt and grow with the right implementation of technologies at the right place.

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