Recruiting Engineers In Virtual Reality or AI and Robotics

recruiting engineers has led staffing groups to more VR and AR job openings than viable engineering IT R&D technical and scientific talent to fill the jobs
Recruiting of engineers with virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI) or robotics experience is getting more difficult daily! Therefore staffing departments must be more creative and diligent with these types of engineers in such short supply coupled with the accompanying high demand.

Top Engineering Recruiting Needs Per LinkedIn Employers

LinkedIn recently published its list of “Top 10 Emerging Jobs”. Most of the jobs listed were in the technology field. An Artificial Intelligence Specialist was at the top of their job list.

This came as no surprise to our engineering, scientific, research and development (R&D), technical, information technology (IT) and manufacturing recruiting departments.

While most of the jobs on the list are tech-oriented, they are not all necessarily in the tech sector. AI, data science, and engineering are required by most companies.

Therefore, it makes sense that LinkedIn listed these as their most popular emerging jobs since they are all required for successful digital transformation. Additionally, a recent article listed 120 artificial intelligence predictions many of which will lead to even greater future AI recruitment.

The average salaries for the top jobs listed by LinkedIn rise well into the six figures. As a result, if you looking for work or wanting to make a job or career change, you need to improve your AI skills. Here are the top ten jobs:
1. Artificial Intelligence Specialist
2. Robotics Engineer
3. Data Scientist
4. Full Stack Engineer
5. Site Reliability Engineer
6. Customer Success Specialist
7. Sales Development Representative
8. Data Engineer
9. Behavioral Health Technician
10. Cyber Security Specialist

Our Recruitment Team Lists Three Other Recruiting Nightmares

Strategic Search Corporation’s recruiting team was surprised that job openings in three other growing areas did not make the LinkedIn list. These are virtual reality, augmented reality and Internet of Things (IoT). Our teams do find it increasingly more difficult to uncover engineers, scientists, IT, R&D, technical and manufacturing talent in these areas.

Some of LinkedIn’s top 10 do cross over into these three areas. However, we find that all three job openings give nightmares in uncovering key talent to our internal recruitment team as well as to staffing managers at our client companies.

Additionally, there are many more artificial intelligence jobs besides Artificial Intelligence Specialist that are in very high demand and short supply. I shared this during my recent appearance on CBS Radio affiliate WBBM News Radio 780 these include Python, Java and R software engineers. You may click here to listen to the entire segment.

Making Engineering Recruiting Easier For Staffing Managers

Recruiting of engineers is getting trickier by the day! Recruitment managers need to make changes in their recruiting efforts with so many engineer openings and so few engineers to fill them. Staffing teams must work harder then ever before to secure the talent they desire.

This is one reason why I created the Twelve Commandments of Recruiting to assist our clients with their engineering recruiting needs. These commandments are particularly beneficial in cutting edge fields such as VR, AR, AI, robotics and IoT.

Be Realistic With Your Recruiting Parameters

In particular, my 12th Commandment – “Be Realistic”, can be extremely helpful in your recruitment efforts. You must temper your expectations with the demand for engineers at an all time high.

Unfortunately, many companies demand unrealistic employment requirements. As a result, positions go unfilled for many months which causes major productivity losses. Instead, you should focus on only the two or three most important job criteria during your recruiting efforts.

So remember to be realistic in your staffing process.

These are just a few of the employment tips I have gathered over 30 years of recruiting experience. These apply universally to a wide range of jobs, not just engineer jobs and engineering hiring. You can apply them to most jobs and employment situations wherever you are having recruitment issues.

My 12th Commandment recruiting tip will help improve your engineering job recruitment, especially for virtual reality jobs recruiting. It will also apply to any other staffing needs where demand outstrips talent supply.

Call me today at 312-944-4000 to discuss how we can assist with your engineering staffing efforts especially in the highly competitive virtual reality, artificial intelligence, robotics and Internet of Things fields. Or click here for my full contact information.