Engineering Employment Up Overall Jobs Down

Engineering talent continues to be in high demand and short supply. Contrary to the recent Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) figures which showed a drop of 186,000 jobs from last month, many of our clients continue to struggle trying to uncover quality engineers. In the process they employ countless recruiting techniques in hopes of securing just one top engineer!

Only 150,000 New Jobs Created Last Month!

The BLS reported only 150,000 new jobs were added in October. This was a drop of 186,000 from the 336,000 new jobs created the month before in September.

Many of the job sectors were down including Leisure and Hospitality, which added only 19,000 employees. That was down 77,000 jobs from the month before! Additionally, the size of government continues to grow at an alarming rate with 51,000 new government jobs created!

Engineering At Center of Many Technological Breakthroughs!

Because many Artificial intelligence, robotics, IoT, AR and VR driven companies are endlessly launching new products and growing, they crave even more engineering talent!

Engineers are high paying jobs, which drive many of these pioneering breakthroughs. Unfortunately, there continues to be far more engineer employment demand than skilled engineering talent supply to fill these engineers job openings. This is creating a major staffing void for many companies.

A case study is one of our St. Charles, Illinois based automation clients, which has been endlessly searching to add more engineering talent all year! For example, one recruiting assignment that we have with them is for a Senior Mechanical Engineer to do complex research & development (R&D) design. Unfortunately, many potential engineers are staying put with their current employers seeking outrageously high salary increases to make a job change!

Even unemployed engineers are making shocking demands. Though the pandemic is pretty much over, many still require either work at home or hybrid (with huge periods of domestic work) to even consider new engineering employment.

Strategic Search Can Improve Your Engineering Recruiting

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