Recruiting An Engineer Getting a Lot Tougher

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Recruiting of engineering talent is getting increasingly more difficult! The most recent unemployment rate according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS was only 3.7%. However, our recruiters have anecdotally found that the real unemployment rate for engineers is near zero.

Client Substantiates the Engineer Recruiting Struggle

During a recent talk with the CEO of one of our good clients located in St. Charles, Illinois, who we are currently doing a search for a Senior Mechanical Engineer, he shared that he has a lot more orders than good people to fill them! This is across the board in all employment categories, but especially in engineering. He went on to say that if he could fill all his positions, he could double his revenues!

Key Labor Department Statistics Confirm the Difficulty

Despite a recession looming there continues to be a major shortage of key employees including engineers, scientists and R&D (research and development) talent. Wages are rising quickly for most technical positions. Proof comes from the most recent figures from BLS found that average hour’s earnings grew another 12 cents in October to $32.58. This means that there are way more technology openings than skilled workers to fill them!

As a result, many engineering fields are offering huge benefits to attract key talent. This includes higher salaries, sign on bonuses, greater stock options and even hiring more older and retired workers. All strategies are being employed to energize recruiting efforts to more quickly secure top talent.

Strategic Search Offers 12 Tips to Improve Your Recruiting

At Strategic Search Corporation we developed 12 short videos to guide our clients through these tough recruitment times. Each offers a different employment nugget. However, together they combine to form a mosaic that can energize your hiring process.

Strategic Search Can Augment Your Recruitment Process

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