Artificial Intelligence Growing | 5 AI Trends

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing in spite of COVID-19. Though AI is not new, it has made major advancements recently in many fields. I will highlight five artificial intelligence trends for 2020.

Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing

AI in digital marketing has ushered in unprecedented change on social media. It forecasts 24/7 chatbots, analyzes data and trends, manages custom feeds to generate content, search for content topics, create custom based personalized content, and make recommendations when required.

AI Models Calculate Electrical Loads

As the AI system is inference, it can exacerbate the carbon footprint. A variant range of data sets can be used from smartphone location data to forecast electrical load. This architecture can take account data from the geographical region and outperform conventional forecasting methods by more than three times.

Masterpieces Renovated Using Artificial Intelligence

AI Machine learning deduces how a painting produces significant brushstrokes, even for famous artists. This machine learning design appears as the first trained on 200 time-lapse videos of digital and watercolor paintings.

Recruiting Artificial Intelligence For Buying Clothes Online

Artificial intelligence is transforming clothes purchases to whole a new level with you as the clothing model. An AI powered app aims to give you a real-life experience of trying on clothes. This helps you avoid unsafe coronavirus era trips to your local retail store.

Deep learning system to track human motion

Artificial intelligence Deep Learning technology can now detect signals of the complex five finger motions in real-time. The sensor patch is attached to the user’s wrist. This single strained electronic skin sensor tracks human movement from a distance in real-time with a virtual 3D hand that mirrors the original motion.

In Summary

Artificial Intelligence is transforming our lives with the next edge of technology. As a result, there many advantages we can benefit from that have really changed our lives. Therefore, with AI technology, most advancements are making life much easier and more manageable.

These advances in deep learning, cloud computing, internet of things, and other emerging technologies have quick access to more and more data about anything and everything. These technologies have opened many advancements in computer vision, speech, machine translation, and facial recognition.

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