In viewing the 2010 winter Olympics I am intrigued by the level of dedication and preparation all athletes engage in. Though there are only 3 official winners (i.e. gold, silver and bronze medals for each event), all offer their greatest efforts for the minuscule chance to win. Theirs is a very high-risk, low-reward job seeking process whereby interview preparation is often very austere. Though there are many side benefits to all participants, the main job offer is the chance to stand on the podium with one of the three medals.

For example, one of the most successful job seekers was skier Bode Miller. Unfortunately, he toiled in interview preparation for three Olympics before finally achieving the ultimate prize, gold at Vancouver. His past two employment attempts netted him only two silvers in Salt Lake City in 2002 and nothing at Turin, Italy in 2006. Many other job seekers were a lot less fortunate including Nodar Kumaritashvili, the 21 year-old Georgian who died in interview preparation (i.e. a Luge trial run).

Fortunately, the traditional employment process is not as high-risk or low-reward as the Olympics. Though we are in the worst job market in over 25 years, there are still many more opportunities to “win a medal” than for those participants in the 2010 winter Olympics. Many companies are recruiting temporary employment, which is the first sign of actual staffing after a recession. Employers first fill temporary jobs because they do not want to risk hiring then laying off a recent employee. Often these temporary jobs lead to permanent employment in a practice, known in the recruiting field, as temporary-to-permanent conversions. This is where an employer often hires someone part-time, tries him or her out for a few months, and then converts him or her to a full-time employment once they prove themselves.

Therefore, I recommend undertaking an Olympic effort in these tough employment times. Like the Olympians who toil in obscurity for many years before gaining a small chance at employment greatness, you too should ramp up your interview and job seeking efforts to achieve your employment medal. For example, do not overlook temporary positions because they may often lead to full time employment. Contact as many temporary recruiters as you can and offer your services. Please go to:

to uncover appropriate temporary agencies for your staffing needs.

I realize that many of you may feel that a temporary position is beneath you. However, it is often when you least expect it that you can win employment gold!

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  1. It is so disappointing when I meet an applicant that looks good on paper then learn during an initial interview they have hardly done anything during their unemployment. (Or as you would say it, not going for employment or interview gold!) You would think people would be willing to take almost anything. A job is a job and money is money, right?!
    I look for someone ambitious and willing to work, even if that tasks is not at the same ‘level’. Most companies reward those willing to work hard and work their way up. A pretentious applicant not willing to take a position because it’s beneath them, especially in these economic times, will not do well, in work or life.

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