Recruiting Jobs In Bad Weather | Interview On CBS Radio

Recruiting Engineering, scientific, IT, R&D or research and development and manufacturing talent getting tough. Aggressive engineer and scientist talent recruitment needed

Recruiting jobs is a challenge during bad weather. This is especially true during the recent terrible weather we had here in Chicago. At that time the wind chill dropped temperatures to 50 degrees BELOW ZERO!

As a result, Kris Kridel AND Cisco Cotto called to interview me about recruitment tips on Tuesday, January 29, 2019. They are the hosts of CBS Radio affiliate WBBM News Radio 780.

To hear the interview in its entirety, please click here and then double click on the file in the folder.

Here are the questions Kris and Cisco asked me as well as my responses in italics. I hope you enjoy this.

(Cisco) Since the Internet is omnipresent, does that make it easier (during this bad weather) since you now have the telecommuting option?

That’s correct Cisco. With all the technology that exists there is no reason that this (job recruiting problems) has to be an issue. For example, video chats have improved exponentially. So the key is R&D (research and development) engineering, technical and scientific technology can solve this problem.

(Cisco) If you are an employer what do you do because you have certain employees that need to get into work?

As your last guest Diane Swonk mentioned, “less is better,” for the economy, the same is true with the job market. Too many employers add too many impediments to job recruiting when it gets cold. Instead, I recommend thinking outside the box when it comes to jobs recruitment and staffing issues. Recruitment of creative solutions including my main mantra, “Be Flexible.”

(Kris) What are some of the other flexible (job recruiting) alternatives?

Kris, having changing (employee) work hours to suit (job) commuting, arranging for daycare on site and allowing (employees) to make up (job) work hours on a different day. Once again, “Be Flexible.”

(Kris) The prediction is this record-breaking winter freeze will hit 250 million people across the United States. That sounds pretty expensive.

It is, but once again, there are always creative solutions to (job recruiting) problems. One of the issues is employers do not often engage employees to recruit flexible solutions. So I always recommend looking outside the box; brainstorming with your employees and recruiting them into the solution. Don’t just feel that the solutions need to come from your executives. Instead, recruit employees to uncover creative solutions.

(Cisco) One of the fears of employers is if we let all these employees stay home (from work) we will loose a lot of (jobs) productivity. That’s not necessarily the case, right?

That’s correct. As I mentioned earlier Cisco, technology has improved exponentially. One of the things you probably have heard on the news is Internet of Things (IoT). Look into (technical, engineering, R&D, scientific, robotics, AI, VR, AR IT and IoT) options. Not only for this particular problem with the super cold weather, but also in general for any problems. So think outside the box, be flexible and recruit technology to help with situations like this.

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