Numerous top economists say that almost 25% of the 8.4 million jobs eliminated, over the last 2 years as part of the recession, will not be coming back! Most are being replaced by automation or a shift in production to countries like China. The most optimistic economic projections only forecast the U.S. adding only about 133,000 jobs a month over the next year. This is contrasted by the 400,000 net new jobs per month needed continuously for a three-year period to reduce the unemployment rate to single digits!

That’s why you shouldn’t overlook temporary positions. Please go to and click on 9TH (below) to view my recently released 9th Commandment of Interview Preparation video for more details.

Did you know that one of the biggest trends in industry is temp-to-perm conversions? This means that an employer will first hire you on a temporary or contract basis, then try you out on the job to judge your employment skills and then later hire you into the job on a full-time basis once you have proven yourself. This is a form of interviewing that many job candidates do not even consider. Companies engage in this practice due to the high cost of firing someone and not wanting to make an employment blunder. Therefore, do not overlook temporary employment; it may lead to a full-time employment situation.

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  1. Job is a job and anyone out of work should take an opportunity, even if a temp position, for some extra income and to get their foot in the door. Also very much agree with a lack of effort on job seekers. I’ve received several very unprofessional cover letters & resumes lately. Could only image what these people would be like to interview…

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