IoT Engineering Provides Jobs Promise For Recent Engineers

IoT or Internet of Things field and recruiting is expanding making recruitment of an engineer scientist IT technical R&D or manufacturing talent difficult to recruit
IoT, or Internet of Things, is one of the fastest growing industries. IoT provides the best chance for recent graduates to quickly land a job with employers finding many jobs very difficult to fill.

Unfortunately, not all college fields are created equal. Many are not worth the huge investment of your time and money. This is the case because after spending huge amounts of personal and monetary capital, countless grads are either unemployed or underemployed. Fortunately, this is not the case for engineering, scientific and technical job candidates, especially those candidates within the field of IoT.

Engineering Degree Best For Current Job Recruiting Market

U.S. Labor Department recent job market figures confirmed the difficulty many employers are having filling jobs. There are a record 7.136 million unfilled jobs in their latest data month and not all college degrees are in high demand. Highest on most employers’ recruiting radar is an engineer, scientist or technical job candidate with unique technology skills.

This is forcing many students to weigh their college options based upon the fundamental business measure of ROI or Return On Investment. A recent study by labor analytics firm Burning Glass Technologies confirms the benefit of such an approach.

Their report found that engineers had the highest probability of landing a lucrative job with only a 29% probability of being underemployed. This contrasts with the average college graduate having a 43% probability of being underemployed on their first job!

Additionally, some majors did even worse than the norm including: a) homeland security and law enforcement graduates with a 65% probability of being underemployed b) psychology graduates with a 54% probability of being underemployed and c) biology majors with a 51% probability of being underemployed.

Internet Of Things or IoT Engineering Jobs In High Demand

As I shared in an article a few months ago, both the industry and job recruiting within the IoT field are growing exponentially. This is confirmed by a Bain & Company report, which predicts the combined markets for IoT to grow to $520 billion by the year 2021.

Bain & Company’s latest report, Unlocking Opportunities in the Internet of Things, includes results from a 2018 survey of more than 600 executives. Their report found most of their enterprise customers still very bullish about IoT.

More engineers, scientists and key technical talent within the IoT field because of the tremendous present and projected growth. Engineering college students should focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) classes and internships.

Additionally, you would be wise to develop any and all skills related to IoT or Internet of Things. Employers are hiring crazily with the demand far outstripping the supply for key engineering, scientific and technical talent now and in the future. This trend will not diminsh in the foreseeable future.

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