Interviewing Mantra Helps You Secure Better Job Interviews

Interviewing technique and chance of landing a job improves with our interview preparation technique
Interviewing for a new job is always a challenge. This is why I developed the three-step mantra I call C.0.P. ‘C’ stands for copying, ‘O’ stands for organizing and ‘P’ stands for practice, practice and more practice.

The above refrain is part of my The Real Benefit Exercise™ video, which is a proven interviewing method. Learning how to use its principles will help improve your interviewing proficiency. The exercise is one of the cornerstones of my new World2Work® program which also includes my 12-step interview preparation system.

In the video I show Ed Johnson how to improve his interviewing skills by adopting the C.O.P. mantra.

In the C (copying step) you copy down all your quantitative accomplishments or skills related to the job you are interviewing for. Anyone can benefit from this step although it will be a lot easier for the engineers, scientists, research and development (R&D), information technology (IT), technical and manufacturing technology candidates Strategic Search Corporation specializes in to do.

Spend at least a few days trying to remember all of your accomplishments. List the awards you have received, ways you made or saved your employer(s) money or improved the operations of present and past employers.

This may not be an easy task for some professionals or students with little or no work experience. But it will greatly improve your chances of success during your interviewing process if you can do this. This in turn will increase your chances of landing your next job.

Once you have compiled an exhaustive list in step one you are ready for the second step, or “O” (organizing). Here you should organize the information collected and rank each accomplishment in order of importance.

Then review the job description you are applying for and research the company you are interviewing with. Determine which information you organized that can be emphasized during your interview.

The final step is “P” (practice, practice and more practice). You have copied all relevant information in step one and organized it in step two. Now you want to practice at least one mock, if not more, interview using the information before the actual interview.

Choose a practice interviewer who you can trust, who is smart, knows your industry and will be very tough on you. Video tape your practice interview(s). Use your smart phone if need be.

The main purpose of this exercise is to make sure you apply the information correctly and uncover any flaws you might have made during the taping. This can provide you with useful feedback and also improve your confidence in the interviewing process.

Research shows that your actual interviews will be much easier the tougher you make your practice interviews.

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Scott Sargis