AI: The Most Valuable Engineering Breakthrough: The Present

AI developments include driverless cars, robotics, vision systems and other AI breakthroughs
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a growing R&D (Research and Development), scientific, engineering, technical, IT (Information Technology) and manufacturing field that is changing the world

In this first of three parts, I will discuss the current state of artificial intelligence (AI) including applications and recruiting. The key is AI is no longer science fiction. It is a growing R&D (Research and Development), scientific, engineering, technical, IT (Information Technology) and manufacturing field that is presently all around us. Innovations from past TV series like the Jetsons and movies like Back To The Future are happening now. AI is based upon making machines aware of their environment and programming them to “think” like humans.

This installment will focus on what is currently occurring in artificial intelligence including both: a) recruitment and b) product development. Innovations like Pokémon, robotics, vision systems and even a movie script are all offshoots of artificial intelligence! As a result, many companies like Google, Apple and Uber are actively recruiting artificial intelligence experts. The next two parts will focus on the future of and problems associated with adopting artificial intelligence.

Our R&D, Engineering, Scientific, Technical, IT and Manufacturing Recruiters Are All Actively Recruiting AI!

Over the past eighteen months, all six of Strategic Search Corporation’s recruitment divisions have received increasing staffing inquiries about cutting edge scientists, engineers and technical professionals who can develop futurist artificial intelligence algorithms, hardware and systems. That is why I was contacted recently to be a guest on WGN TV’s sister station CLTV to discuss AI hiring trends, future developments and problems associated with the spread of artificial intelligence.

Demand for key artificial intelligence experts far exceeds supply. As a result, companies like Uber, Google and Apple have been increasingly raiding educational institutions like Carnegie Mellon as well as each other to recruit key scientists, engineers, R&D, IT and technical professionals!

The Future Is Now For AI

Artificial intelligence is currently being adopted for many applications. The VR (Virtual Reality) craze of Pokémon is an offshoot of AI. So are the vision systems that allow you to “see” all blind spots while backing up your car.

Now, even a script for a new movie was developed entirely using AI. Filmmaker Oscar Sharp and technology guru Ross Goodwin recently collaborated to develop a short science fiction film called “Sunspring” whose entire screenplay was written using an artificial intelligence computer called Jetson!

Another recent example of AI was the driverless tractor that stole the recent Farm Progress Show. It was a prototype for a Case IH self-driving, cables tractor that drew many, many onlookers at the recently completed Iowa farm equipment show.

Needed: Better STEM Education To Handle Demands For AI!

Because of the increasing appetite for artificial intelligence experts U.S. educators need to formulate better STEM education plans. Recent research shows that we are loosing the AI battle. For example, China has now eclipsed us in AI research. Additionally, Singapore was the first country to commercially launch a driverless car.

The AI stakes are large. Even President Obama released a recent report on the future of artificial intelligence. In my 2nd installment next week I will focus on the future of artificial intelligence.

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