VR, Bitcoin Surge Grows Technical & Engineering Recruiting

VR, AI, bitcoin, robotics, IoT, Big Data and technology jobs growing creating the need for more scientists, engineers, IT, R&D, technical talent

As I shared in my last article VR or Virtual reality is a booming field that is growing exponentially. Because of this meteoric rise, technical, engineering, scientific, IT and R&D recruiters and recruitment firms are having a difficult time recruiting all the talent to fill open job orders. This is particularly true for engineer openings requiring Unity 3D, C#, C++, OOP, OpenGL, 3D Modeling using Blender or 3D Graphics APIs (especially with OpenGL, Metal, Vulkan) experience. All of which are in vogue for VR development.

Like VR, Bitcoin Driving Technology Recruitment Needs!

The Wall Street Journal shared recently that Bitcoin, the digital currency, hit a record of $2967. Strong demand for bitcoin has attracted new ideas and entrepreneurs into this unregulated currency and its offshoots.

Despite currently having only a total market value of about $46 billion, which is only a tiny fraction of the $1.5 trillion of U.S. currency in circulation, bitcoin supporters believe that the currency is still in its earliest stages and they remain convinced that bitcoin will find a use that results in worldwide adoption.

This increasing use of bitcoin has led to strong demand for Computer Science or engineering talent. This is particularly true for those engineers and scientists with C#, .Net, SQL, MySQL, Oracle, OCR, AI, RPA tools, VR, and Python skills within an Agile IT environment.

AI, VR, Bitcoin, IoT and Robotics Fueling Tech Recruiting!

Technology stocks are all in favor right now. Apple recently passed $800 billion in market value for the first time. Additionally, Amazon.com just moved above the rare $1,000 per share stock level and Alphabet, the parent of Google, is near that plateau. This is driving an insatiable appetite among hiring managers for IT, R&D, technical, engineering, scientific and manufacturing recruiting in all cutting edge technology fields!

This has helped to fuel the Labor Department’s lowest unemployment rate in 16 years at 4.3%. Though other non-technology fields have had only sparse contributions to those jobs numbers, Strategic Search Corporation has found from hiring company surveys that the staffing needs for engineers, scientists and other technical professionals have been exhibiting way more demand than supply for the past six months!

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