VR and AR Engineering May Be Recruiting More Military Jobs

VR or virtual reality recruiting is increasing the staffing needs of engineer scientific IT technical and research and development or R&D talent as more engineers scientists and technical candidates are needed
VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) engineering and technology have been teasing us with huge prospects for a long time now. Unfortunately, neither VR nor AR engineering have had much success in the consumer market. However, both virtual reality and augmented reality may soon be well adopted by the military. This could result in huge demands for these engineers.

As I recently wrote, novel engineering projects historically have been a way to recruit more high paying more jobs, particularly engineer positions. Virtual and augmented reality military projects may provide the engine needed to continue the record 98 straight months of job creation and more than the 155,000 new jobs as reported by the Labor Department last month.

Military Applications For VR And AR Engineering Coming Soon

The military plans to use both virtual reality and augmented reality engineering and technology for both training and fighting. This combination will bring more situational awareness to troops and help them become more mobile and valuable.

The U.S. Army recently mentioned it had awarded a $480 million contract to Microsoft to supply HoloLens headsets to soldiers. These head-mounted displays use AR and VR technology that allows viewers to see virtual images superimposed over real-world scenery right in front of them! This will provide troops with more useful information to make important decisions quicker.

Thus there is still hope for VR and AR engineering, scientific, IT (information technology), R&D (research and development), technical and manufacturing technology to provide big promise in the future. In turn, this may be a catalyst for more investment by VC (venture capital) firms in virtual reality and augmented reality continuing the hope that the field will grow and not just be a pipe dream!

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