Use Positive Self-Talk To Propel You To Success!

Dear friend,

One thing that you will notice from my blogs is that instead of a lot of great interview answers or interview question and answers sessions, I will be sharing a lot about myself and how this applies to your interview preparation. Yesterday was a perfect example of what I espouse. Nothing went right for me. First, in my visit to physical therapy (Key: as a side note I hurt myself during martial arts training), the office mistakenly put me with the wrong trainer for not only yesterday’s visit, but also for next week’s visit. On top of that they refused to admit their mistake and even got huffy about it. Second, the physical therapist that they tried to stick me with was running very late and made no attempt to come out and greet me saying that he was the substitute. As a result, I left in disgust. Third, as I left the office, it was raining profusely. Finally, as I walked to catch the bus, someone in a white Cadillac, refused to yield the right-of-way, turned in front of me and almost hit me!

Instead, of getting angry, I pushed myself, which I recommend to you during your interview preparation and jobs pursuits. First, after I stormed out of the physical therapy office, I pushed myself to workout (see the attached picture). This helped relieve my anger. This is also something I recommend to you as an inexpensive way to overcome the stress of being fired. The caveat is that you need to bring a positive mental attitude to your interviews. This will set the best tone for your interviews. I will talk about this more in the future. Second, I used positive self-talk to overcome my anger towards the white Cadillac driver. This prevented me from a road rage confrontation. For example, “This idiot is not worth my time energy and well being. I am not going to let this idiot take my time, energy and well being.” I also said to myself, “The world does not revolve around me. People are allowed to act stupid. However, I cannot let this get me angry or ruin my well-being.” Finally, I didn’t let the rain effect because I used positive self-talk again including, “The bright side is I am leaving earlier than expected and will beat the mass traffic home.” These are all tips for you during your time of distress after being laid off. The keys are: 1) there is no magic bullet 2) bad things happen, but you cannot let that effect you and 3) you have to recite positive self-talk to overcome the negative. One mantra I recommend is, “every day and in every way, I am getting better, better and better.”

Scott Working Out
Scott Working Out