Technical Recruiting Rising; Need For Background Checks

technical recruiting is rapidly increasing. You need to engage in thorough background investigations

Recruiting is rapidly increasing. The recent Labor Department numbers stating that U.S. employers added 227,000 new workers last month confirms this. This was the 76th straight month of jobs creation!

Technical Recruiting Is Increasing Even More Rapidly

Our technical recruiting and engineering recruitment divisions, as well as many technology candidates, recruiters and employer staffing departments we have surveyed over the past several months, have all consistently reported increasing job vacancies for scientific, engineering, R&D (Research and Development), IT (Information Technology) and manufacturing technology employment. This has been particularly true for the unlucky technical recruiter engaged in recruitment of scientists, engineers and candidates in cutting-edge technology industries such as Big Data, AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things) and robotics, where the number of job vacancies far exceeds the pool of viable technical talent.

Therefore, Extensive Background Investigations Are Needed!

With so few good technical candidates available for some key technology jobs, many employers are eager to hire the first candidate they uncover that “appears” to be qualified for their talent vacancies. Unfortunately, this person many have a lot of “skeletons in their closet” such as hidden driving violations, drug offenses or lawsuits against them.

That’s important because most recruiters will shortchange you with inadequate or NO employee background checks. As a result, these insufficient recruitment efforts often fail to uncover 90 % of convicted felons.

Strategic Search Accu-Check® Background Investigations

Luckily Strategic Search Corporation® retained searches include our extensive, unique and trademarked Accu-Check® background investigations, which are performed by our recruited national network of trained investigators. They personally examine potential technical employees’ records at courthouses across the nation and uncover everything you need to know BEFORE you hire an engineer, scientist, R&D (Research and Development), IT (Information Technology), technical or manufacturing employee through us. We examine both criminal and civil records like credit, bankruptcies, lawsuits and other reckless behaviors. We check references. We dig deep. We offer these thorough investigations COMPLIMENTARY as part of our retained searches.

Past Behavior = Future Performance

In life and in business, history repeats itself. Someone’s past behavior is the strongest indication of how they’ll act in the future. That’s why engineers, scientists and technical employees who’ve had criminal behaviors in the past are most likely to revisit those misdeeds the next time they’re on the job for a new employer.

Big Risk of Incomplete Candidate Information

With our jails overcrowding, over 90% of convicted felons never serve hard time in state prisons. Instead, overwhelming percentages are granted probation, perform community service or have only a short stint in the county jail.

This presents a real risk for employers who utilize most recruiters that only employ databases housed at the Department of Corrections. These database-only searches are incomplete, inaccurate, rarely updated and only report the 10% of convicted felons who have served time in a state prison!

Strategic Search Corporation Minimizes Recruiting Risk

Our unique and trademarked Accu-Check® employee background check process employs a national network of public record researchers who physically examine county court records in EVERY jurisdiction where potential employees have resided in the last 7-10 years. They employ county and federal criminal background checks, sex investigations, driving background checks, credit employment background checks; workers comp claims and drug abuses. They dig deep to ensure your needs are met. We even investigate our investigators, testing them routinely so your reputation and assets are not at risk.

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