Technical Placement

I am an expert on jobs, careers and labor issues including 1) I have appeared live numerous times on both WGN TV and WGN Radio 2) I have been on the frontlines as a top technical recruiter for the last 20 years placing hundreds and hundreds of scientists, engineers and IT professionals worldwide for such clients as ITW, Intermatic and Wrigley Company and 3) I have written extensively on workplace issues for such publications as the Chicago Tribune.

I am very excited about starting this blog devoted to technical recruiting tips and advice because I am very passionate about working with and recruiting top technical talent. This is the case because I firmly believe that these individuals can be the most productive for any organization. Though I lack specific technical expertise, I have a good macro-level understanding of many fields. This allows me to better appreciate the accomplishments and breakthroughs of the diverse group of technical candidates that I represent.

Research confirms that technical talent has a greater impact on your organization than any other functional area! Some reports show that certain engineers may have a 100 to 1 payback on their salary. In other words, for every dollar that you pay them, they can yield up to $100 in benefits from patents, automation and new product development for your organization. That is why I am so excited to work in this unique field!

Thanks for checking in,