SES CHICAGO – Interview Phil Mui, Google Analytics

SEO and SEM industries show continued growth.  Google fuels that growth with new product launches,  free training and certification.

Today, at SES Chicago,, Strategic Search Interviewed Phil Mui, Senior Product Manager for Google Analytics,  Monday Mr. Mui announced additional features that build on the tools and power of Google Analytics in understanding existing and increasing traffic to your business, personal and career websites.

Phil Mui shared that during the past season of economic downturn SEO and SEM has continued to show growth both in jobs and as the focus of organizations advertising dollars, which he shares are recognized as going farther in SEO efforts than in any other marketing medium.  He also sites the movement of individuals, “seasoned professionals” retraining themselves to enter the SEO SEM fields.

Phil Mui shared that in addition to the launch of more powerful intuitive features in Google Analytics.  That in response to the high interest and growth in the SEO SEM industries.  Google is providing FREE online training and certification on Google Analytics.  This training is an 8 hour course which includes testing and certification at no charge.  Training my be accessed at,


Annotations, Custom Report Custom Variables, New Analytics Tracking Code Setup Wizard, New Version of The Analytics API

Annotations –
Annotations allows any user with access to a Google Analytics profile to leave shared or private notes right on the over-time graph. Building upon the concept of bringing Intelligence to data, Annotations complements existing anomaly detection by capturing the tribal intelligence of your company, which tends to be the most expensive and easily lost resource of all.

Custom Report Variables –
Now, you can see how a segment defined by Custom Variables behaves along any of the metrics available in Google Analytics.

New Analytics Tracking Code Setup Wizard –
When you create a profile, you’ll notice a new tracking code setup wizard in Google Analytics. This wizard automatically generates the appropriate tracking code according to the setup options specified by you.

New Version of The Analytics API

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