Rapid AI Technology Growth Necessitates Recruiting A CAIO

Because AI (artificial intelligence) is expanding your company needs to formulate a job description and start recruiting for a CAIO

With the proliferation of AI (Artificial Intelligence) scientific, engineering and technical innovation and its impact on other cutting edge technology fields such as IoT (Internet of Things) and robotics, it may be time for your organization to formulate a job description and start recruiting for a CAIO (Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer). Failure to immediately start this staffing process can harm your business!

Unfortunately, The Overall Economy Remains Sluggish

The Commerce Department reported Friday that U.S. GDP (Gross Domestic Product) ended the 4th quarter of 2016 on a lackluster, inflation and seasonally adjusted annual rate, of only 1.9%. Because GDP is the broadest measure of the goods and services produced by America, this is yet another indication of America’s slowest economic expansion since World War II. As a result, this latest data underscores the obstacles facing President Trump as he pushes for economic growth after he has repeatedly stating a goal of 4% expansion in his one year!

Additionally, many businesses are hopeful about the possibility of stronger economic growth, but aren’t counting on an imminent boom. “I don’t think there’s any secret that the overall mood seems to be modestly better” early in 2017, Illinois Tool Works Inc. Chief Executive Scott Santi told analysts last week. “Whether that translates into anything meaningful in terms of demand, that remains to be seen.”

Fortunately, Technology Industries Like AI Are Rapidly Growing!

Despite the continued weakness in the overall jobs market and economy, many technology fields are quickly expanding. This has led to increased recruiting of engineers, scientists and technical talent. As a result, many technical recruiters are reporting increased job vacancies due to high demand and short supply for many technology jobs. This is particularly true in research-oriented fields such as AI, robotics and IoT.

As I shared during a recent TV interview, AI is permeating more and more of areas our lives every day. Additionally, artificial intelligence is being seamlessly interwoven into other cutting-edge research and development fields such IoT.

This has led to more and more AI applications including curing cancer, streamlining airlines and airports and even improved digital advertising. As a result, your organization needs to recruit someone to keep you abreast of all the new developments in artificial intelligence. That is why you may need to start developing a job description for and start recruitment of a Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer!

CIO Magazine Recommends Several CAIO Traits

Because of the growing importance of artificial intelligence, it is imperative that your company considers the creation of a Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer position and begins recruiting for one to stay one step ahead of your competition. A recent article in CIO magazine mentioned several key recruiting points to help you in your recruitment of this very important position.

The CAIO would most likely be a seasoned business person with direct experience working on data analytics, cloud computing and machine learning technologies. Like most C-level hires, the individual should have at least 10 years of experience in a related industry with a history of success (and failure!) working with teams in the appropriate industry.

Formulating A CAIO Job Description

The CAIO will work closely with the CTO and CIO to spearhead new innovative solutions or enhancements to existing products by applying machine learning or deep learning technologies across all aspects of the business. This executive position will oversee major strategic initiatives, including:

  1. Identifying opportunities internally to improve our customer experience across our products and solutions with machine learning.
  2. Evangelizing our A.I.-first approach to clients, cultivating new business partnerships within our machine learning initiatives.
  3. Reducing capital expenditures throughout the business by locating cost centers and minimizing their impact with machine learning.
  4. Building a cohesive data strategy that lacks silos and enables deep learning technologies to create new competitive insights.
  5. Locating/acquiring and cultivating strong data science and A.I.-specialized talent in the industry.

Recruiting Proper Personal Qualifications And Attributes

The CAIO should have demonstrated leadership and proven experience as a business executive. The ideal candidate will have worked with several technologies related to machine learning, including cloud computing, data analytics and security/threat intelligence. Additional qualifications vital to this position include:

  1. Experience leading major strategic, cross-functional initiatives within large organizations.
  2. Ability to attract and grow talent internally and externally within a company.
  3. Established success with implementing emerging technologies into solutions shipped to customers.
  4. Direct understanding of the machine learning landscape, including experience-delivering capabilities that leverage deep learning technologies.
  5. Strong technical expertise within a data science, cloud computing or other technology-centric role.
  6. Experience delivering cloud-based solutions at scale. Understanding of security and compliance constraints is a plus.

Recruiting Optimal CAIO Knowledge And Skills

The CAIO should also have vast experience with several technologies across multiple job functions. Some staffing traits to consider:

  1. 5-10 years of experience in the machine-learning field, working with or building A.I.-based products/platforms/solutions.
  2. 5-10 years of experience with cloud computing technologies, including either public or private clouds.
  3. 5-10 years of experience working in a product-oriented role, where data-driven decisions are standard practice.
  4. Extensive background in IT disciplines, working with a wide variety of tools and solutions. Contribution to open-source projects would be a plus.
  5. Research or academic contributions in the artificial intelligence community a plus, particularly within labs with demonstrated leadership in the space.
  6. Experience as both a startup entrepreneur and working within a large organization.

In Summary: Need To Hire A CAIO

AI is an increasingly important field to. It is all around us and if properly harnessed, can yield increased profits for your business. Therefore, you need to seriously consider developing a job description and begin recruiting your next Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer (CAIO).

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