Push For Interview Success!

Dear friend,

My problems yesterday provide a perfect corollary to what I espouse about interview preparation and landing your next job. Instead of most literature, which focuses on developing a resume, I recommend constantly pushing yourself to do things that you may not want to do.

Yesterday’s problems included 1) extreme, continuing hip and back pain from my martial arts injury and 2) no media contacts or exposure about the launch of our e-learning tool designed to help you ace your interview and in turn increase your chances of employment (Please go to http://www.strategicsearch.com/real-benefit-exercise.php for more details). I felt certain that a lot of media coverage was forthcoming due to spending one year on research and development (R&D) for this phenomenal tool that exceptionally prepares job seekers like you for the interview. I also spent a lot of time developing what I thought was the perfect press release. Instead, old Murphy’s Law came into play. In other words, all that happened was contrary to what I expected!

Instead of getting angry or depressed, I used positive self-talk to overcome my anxiety (e.g. “Hard work doesn’t mean that I will be rewarded. The world doesn’t revolve around me. The universe is not designed to make me happy. However, hard work does increase the probability of success”). This was very difficult at the time because my mind kept bringing up negative thoughts. I had to keep pushing myself to overcome these negative thoughts with even further positive self-talk (e.g. “the thoughts I am having because I am stressed out cannot be trusted or listened to. Instead, I need to quickly find a way to relax so I can think more clearly”). Finally, I pushed myself to go to water aerobics. This helped relieve my stress. You may recall in my last post I recommended inexpensive ways to relieve your tension during interview and employment preparation. This will help you develop a positive mental attitude, which will set the best tone for your interviews.

Remember what I said last time: 1) there is no magic bullet 2) bad things happen, but you cannot let them effect you and 3) you have to push yourself and use positive self-talk to overcome the negative. These will help you succeed during these tough employment times.