Phone Interviews Automate Technical Recruiting!

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Today’s executive recruiting tip is phone screen first. You can quickly gain a lot of valuable candidate information from a properly structured phone interview. This can save your interviewing process a lot of time and money!

With proper structured phone interviews your team of both: a) internal management recruiters and b) outside executive recruitment firms will save your company many thousands of dollars in interviewing and recruitment fees. This is the case because, in many cases, you will avoid flying in the wrong person for a face-to-face interview! Especially with engineers, scientists, technical, manufacturing, IT and R&D candidates, a lot of their relevant information that is critical to your job opening’s success is quantitative. As a result, you can easily train your team, including R&D recruiters, IT recruiters, engineering recruiters, technical recruiters, manufacturing recruiters and scientific recruiters, to carefully structure questions that will elicit the optimum amount of information over the phone.

Please go to to view and learn many valuable tips we have provided for designing questions that will produce the optimal amount of information in the shortest possible time. This includes open-ended questions, which a lot of psychological, human resource and recruiting research shows will yield the most advantageous employment information from your job candidates.

After concluding properly structured phone interviews, you can then make an executive recruiting decision to either: a) continue to fly this candidate out for a face-to-face interview at your company’s facility b) reject this candidate or c) put them on “the back burner”. In any case, if properly developed, this phone screening process will not interfere with or add a lot of cost to your executive recruitment efforts. Instead, it will strongly augment your recruiting process including providing a lot more information to help you make a more informed hiring decision! Furthermore, this added step would save many precious hours of your top executives’ time by not interviewing erroneous job candidates. So remember to phone screen first!

What is your opinion of phone interviewing first?