New Human Resource Planning Service

Our encore 20th anniversary-in-business party was held on November 3rd at the Hotel Sofitel. Among my guests were: venture capitalist Tom Parkinson (and his wife Anne), Bruno Padovani, Director of Manufacturing at Wrigley Company, Pam Oliver (and her husband Kelvin) of NBC 5 Chicago and Bill Moller of WLS (ABC) Radio (who’s show I appeared on many times when he was the hosted WGN Radio’s Money Show). All are featured several times including the first five event photos at

To commemorate this historic event, we launched a new recruiting consulting service called human resource planning to assist our clients. Though we still offer thorough executive search focused on technical recruiting (e.g. Director of Engineering), this practice started informally 18 months ago when several of our clients requested our assistance. Since then, many more clients have contacted us for this support. As a result, we have now formalized this practice to include:

  1. Strategic staffing planning. We can assist your internal team to make future projections based upon your company’s strategic plans. We also offer creative solutions to: a) new hire indoctrination and training b) avoiding hiring and firing pitfalls and c) attracting talent for satellite locations.
  2. Candidate evaluation. For example, if you have already identified someone, we can help you further vet them to ensure their fitness for your organization. Please go to for our trademarked background investigation approach.
  3. Developing internal recruiting tools and capabilities. For example, we can train your managers to better: a) recruit b) interview and c) screen viable talent to ensure the optimum organizational fit. We can also develop custom e-learning modules and videos to better assist your organization with recruiting. Please go to to view some samples.