Need To Recruit More Diligently; Things Are Improving!

The unemployment rate has dropped almost one per cent (.8%) over the last two months. Also, temporary hiring dropped 11,000 after increasing steadily over the last year. Both are strong signs that employers are starting to recruit again. As a result, you need to be a lot more diligent in your recruiting efforts. This can include simple things such as:

  1. Don’t keep candidates “hanging.” Tell them when you are still considering them for a job. A simple phone call is all you need!
  2. Don’t expect “everything for nothing!” Many employers have grown accustom during the two-year recession to landing overqualified candidates at a fraction of the normal compensation. Those days are over!
  3. Start recruiting again. Don’t just rely upon candidates coming to you. You need to go out and apply good recruiting techniques.

If you follow those three simple recruiting suggestions, your recruiting efforts will improve dramatically in the days and weeks ahead.