Interview Gold

I am an expert on jobs, careers and labor issues including 1) I have appeared live numerous times on both WGN TV and WGN Radio 2) I have been on the frontlines as an executive recruiter for the last 20 years placing hundreds and hundreds of people worldwide for such clients as ITW, Intermatic and Wrigley Company and 3) I have written extensively on workplace issues for such publications as the Chicago Tribune.

I am very excited about starting this blog, which will share all the secrets of interview preparation. There are two main reasons this is very important to me: 1) succeeding in the interview is the most important part of landing a job and 2) this one area where I excel and can change people’s lives. Furthermore, many of my personal shortcomings and life’s lessons are directly applicable. As a result, I can quickly tune into your problems and offer many useful solutions to you.

For example, because I have a propensity towards obesity, I have had to push myself every day to workout hard and carefully monitor what I eat. To monitor my food intact, I prepare a daily food log that captures everything I eat including: 1) calories 2) grams of protein and 3) grams of fiber for each item. Today I spent almost 35 minutes preparing this log. This takes a lot of work! However, failure to do so can disastrous (e.g. quickly adding a lot of weight)!

These principles apply to you as a job seeker because there is no magical bullet to landing a job. Instead it takes a lot of work including pushing yourself to do things that you may not want to do. For example, one thing I recommend is networking to generate interviews. To this end, you should meet at least 10 new people every day. This takes a lot of work, but it is a lot more productive than just blindly sending out resumes. Remember, resumes do not get you hired. You do!

I will expound upon these ideas further with future blog posts.

Thanks for checking in,