Happy New Year everyone! After the football bowl games if you are ready to start recruiting again, please go to http://www.strategicsearch.com/technical-recruiting-tips/ and click on 7th to view this month’s technical recruiting tip, which is the 7th magical interview question, the mirror question.  Let me demonstrate this by an example. Let’s say that: a) you are interviewing a candidate b) you ask this job candidate who their best friend is and c) the candidate’s response is Joe. Then you ask, “If I were to ask Joe what type of person you are, what would they tell me?” Do you see what I did?

My over twenty years of recruiting experience demonstrates that most candidates will try hard to mirror that person’s actual response (e.g. Joe’s response).  You can also plug in a wide range of people into the mirror question including past employers and co-workers. Regardless of whom you plug in to this interview question, this job candidate’s answers will tend to very truthful. So remember to employ the mirror question during your job interviews.

This is the final one of my seven magical interview questions for you. Next month I will change gears and offer you other types of technical recruiting instructions.