Data Storage Technology Startups Facing Engineering Recruiting Shortages

Recently, the Wall Street Journal announced that private-equity, venture capital and angel investment firms are increasingly pouring money into data storage technology startup companies. For example, venture capitalists invested $6 billion into 96 startups selling storage-related hardware, software and services between 2010 and the first half of this year according to CB Insights.

Because it is estimated that companies will spend over $40 billion on storage hardware this year, data-storage technology startups like Tintri, Kaminario, Violin Memory Inc., SolidFire Inc., Tegile, Reduxio Systems Ltd. and Nimble Storage are positioned well to earn this huge cash inflow. This is on top of the technology giants like IBM, HP, Dell, EMC and NetApp which are already established in the data storage field.

Major Increase In Engineering Jobs

This surge in data storage investment has led to a major shortage of talented engineers. Though most of the technology advantages of data storage are rooted in software engineering, including such chores as optimizing performance and backing up data, engineering recruitment has ramped up across the board including hardware engineering, project engineering, design engineering and AI (artificial intelligence). Our firm’s engineering recruiters have witnessed this engineering recruitment surge firsthand over last 10 months as evidenced by an exponential increase in our engineering recruiting job orders

Demand Outstrips Supplies For Talented Engineers

Because demand has far outstripped supply for key engineers, job searches are taking engineering recruitment teams a lot longer. This is substantiated by Labor Department job opening statistics, which recently reached an all-time high of 5,400,000, which is the most since they began reporting them 15 years ago!

As a result, engineering job openings are going unfilled for longer periods of time. These engineering vacancies have squeezed existing engineering talent to produce more with less. This in turn has caused engineering departments to miss important project goals reducing company sales and profits.

Job Openings and Labor Turnover - July 2015 - jolts.pdf 2015-09-14 18-00-46

Technical Engineering Recruitment Solution

One solution our engineering recruitment division can offer is our 5th Commandment of Technical Recruiting the open-ended interview question, “why did you leave?” By including such open-ended engineering interview questions in your recruitment process and carefully listening to the candidate’s responses, you will gain a lot more information, streamline your engineering recruitment process, save a lot of time and money and reduce the probability of hiring the wrong engineering talent.

Please go to and click on #5 below for more details. The key point here is by asking “why did you leave?” you will uncover more about this engineer’s thinking process which in turn will help you to more quickly hire the right engineering talent for your job opening.

Please contact us for more details on streamlining your engineering recruitment process.