Crain’s Chicago Business Confirms Scarcity Of Technical Talent

Several recent studies have revealed an increasing shortage of skilled technical talent. For example, a recent report conducted by Crain’s Chicago Business, revealed that: a) demand for tech workers continues to rise and b) the unemployment rate for tech workers is less than 4%. In fact, for some specialty tech professions unemployment is NONEXSISTANT! As a result, many employers have had to resort to signing bonuses and other unique perks to woo talent. For example, Fred Lee, Chief Technology Officer of Chicago-based Enova, an online payday lender that plans to add 50 tech workers this year to its Chicago staff of 1000 employees said, “There’s a tech talent war that’s happening.”

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This proven 3-step process includes:
1. Meeting your key representatives on location to develop a comprehensive NEEDS ANALYSIS doctrine. This extensive consultative process includes both: a) reviewing stated job descriptions and b) uncovering hidden employment necessities unique to your corporate culture. The cornerstone is brainstorming to expose additional parameters, which may not have been considered, based upon the distinctiveness of your work environment and limitations of the current labor pool. We spend unlimited time on this very important step before moving forward because this provides the roadmap of your search and ensures surfacing only those candidates who truly meet your unique needs!
2. Engaging in an exhaustive process of SOURCING all viable candidates including: a) employing our 100,000 candidate internal databank b) utilizing all relevant mass databases (e.g. LinkedIn, where I personally have almost 2000 direct connections) c) uncovering all related industry associations and utilizing their internal databases, contacts and jobs posting sources and d) directly recruiting candidates from agreed upon competitors.
3. Applying thorough BACKGROUND INVESTIGATIONS on all finalists including: a) face-to-face interviews b) reference checking c) confirming educational credentials and d) applying our trademarked Accu-checkcriminal and civil investigation process. Please go to for more information on this unique practice. Assisting us is former FBI agent Tim Pitchford who utilizes the “trapline” network of retired FBI agents to comprehensively cross-examine your finalists to uncover any “skeletons” in their past.

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