Filling Engineering Jobs Increasingly Becoming More difficult

The Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS announced this morning that 215,000 new non-farm jobs were created last month. This was the 16th out of the last 17 months that the U.S. economy has added at least 200,00 net new jobs. This was also the 58th straight month of jobs creation! Filling engineering jobs was even more of a challenge.

BLS announced that the gains were across the board including: a) Professional & Technical Services adding 27,000 new jobs b) Health Care adding 28,000 c) Financial Activities adding 17,000 d) Retail Trade adding 36,000 e) Food Services & Drinking Places adding 29,000 and g) Transportation and Warehousing adding 14,000 new employees last month. The only major sector to fall was mining which lost 5,000 jobs. This was the 7th straight month employment declined in mining.

Major Uptick In Engineering Vacancies

Additionally, our engineering recruiters have seen a major uptick in engineering jobs in the last 8 months. Major technology firms are fueling this exponential advance in engineering recruitment.

Amazon is launching plans for drone delivery Intel and Micron Technologies have recently developed a new bread of memory chips. These chips will be up to 1,000 times faster than the NAND flash memory chips now used in most mobile devices


Demand Exceeds Supplies For Talented Engineers

Job searches are now baffling engineering recruitment teams due to significantly more demand than supply for talented engineers. This is why the Labor Department recently announced that job openings are at an all time high at 5,400,000 job openings This is the highest number of job openings they have ever been for the 15 years since they have calculated job openings.

The result is engineering job openings are going unfilled for longer periods of time. These engineering vacancies have put a squeeze on the existing engineering talent to do more with less. It has also caused engineering departments to miss important project goals and reduce company sales and profits.

Engineering Recruitment

Technical Engineering Recruitment Solutions

One solution our engineering recruitment division can offer is our 3rd Commandment of Technical Recruiting. This commandment suggests you must ask open-ended questions like, “what do you do?” as part of your more thorough engineering recruitment process. By asking open-ended questions and carefully listening to the engineering recruitment candidate’s responses, you will gain more information from your engineering candidates. You will also streamline your engineering recruitment process by saving time and money especially from not hiring the wrong engineering talent.

Please go to and click on #3 below for more details. The two key points here are: 1) asking open-ended questions such as “what do you do?” and 2) listening. This will go miles in helping you hire the right engineering talent during this increasing engineering recruitment war.

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