Unemployment Rate Drops Almost 1% Over The Last 2 Months!

Today’s unemployment rate of 9% marked the first time in 20 months that the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) rate dipped below 9.4%, which was an all-time record high! Unfortunately, only 36,000 jobs were created in January. At that pace, it would take over 100 months or until later this decade to make up for all the jobs losses from the recession of the last two years! However, hope resides in the form of both jobs and strategies to land jobs from SEO (Search Engine Optimization)!

Search engines are the new Yellow Pages and SEO techniques help you: a) rank higher with search engines and b) get more leads and sales from ranking higher with search engines. Also, job seekers can adopt select SEO techniques to stand out among the crowds. For example, developing a blog or contributing to social media sites on specific expertise they have that others lack. I believe so strongly in SEO that I have invested the time, energy and expense to build up one of the largest SEO groups in the Chicago area with over 500 members. I invite you all to attend our next meeting on Saturday, March 19th. Please go to http://www.meetup.com/chicago-seo/ for more details. However, seating is limited. Therefore you will need to contact me to RSVP.