248-000-New-Jobs-Drop-Jobless-Rate-to-5.9-in-SeptemberThis morning the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that the unemployment rate last month fell below 6% for the first time since mid-2008! This resulted in 248,000 new, non-farm jobs being created. After the previous month’s hiccup of only 142,000 jobs being, the preceding trend of the six straight months of 200,000 or more jobs being created per month was continued.

Unemployment Drops To 5.9%

Additionally, my technical recruiters have anecdotally observed a 35% increase in requests for new openings for engineers, scientists and other technical personnel over the last 4 months. This is mostly from Midwest hiring companies we have never worked with previously. This is a very important trend for future jobs growth because, as I have reported previously in such articles as “5G For Future Jobs!, the real way to continue exponential jobs growth is through continued research and development, scientific, engineering, IT, technical and manufacturing breakthroughs and employment that results from those advances.

These R&D areas have historically been the engines for America’s jobs growth. This borne out by many recent innovations including those from Google, Inc. such as self-driving cars, balloons to beam Internet service from the sky and most recently their foray into developing giant TVs. Their secretive advanced-projects lab is developing a display composed of smaller screens that plug together like Legos to create a seamless image! Their big software challenge is how to create seamless display modules so that viewers won’t see the borders between the modules. To this end, Google is recruiting many, many advanced experts in fields ranging from software engineering, hardware engineering, firmware engineering, digital signal processing and analog signal processing. Though Google has had mixed, past results with its futuristic developments, they are one example of a U.S. company willing to take risks on breakthroughs that will help our economy create future jobs!

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