Profile: Reliability and Validation Engineer with over 15 years experience including strong analytical foundation and extensive mechanical engineering experience in the area of product design and development.  Accomplished in designing, conducting, analyzing, and reporting tests and engineering experiments to demonstrate compliance with customer and regulatory requirements using cross-functional teams.

Technical: Safety, Performance, Reliability, and Durability Testing/Analysis


  • Design and Statistical Analysis of Engineering Investigations and Experiments
  • Factorial Design of Experiments, (DOE)
  • Accelerated Life Testing, (ALT)
  • Stress, Fatigue, and Finite Element Analysis, (FEA)

Software: Microsoft Office Suite, Design Expert (Design of Experiments), WinSMITH Weibull (Reliability),

Proficiencies: MINITAB (General Statistical, Reliability, and DOE), and ANSYS (Finite Element Analysis)


Patents: Tool-Less Rotatable Depth Adjustment for Fastener Driving Tool (United States Patent US CONFIDENTIAL)

Fastening Tool with Blind Guide Work Contact Tip (United States Patent US CONFIDENTIAL)

Faceted Fastener Driver Bumper with Cooling Slots (Patent Pending)


Experience: ITW Paslode Pneumatic Tool Unit, Lake Forest, IL    (1995 to Present)

Manager Reliability/Validation Engineering                                

  • Served as principal reliability and validation member on cross-functional product development teams providing technical counsel and validation support throughout each product’s life.  Designed, analyzed, and reported results of product safety, performance, and reliability tests.  Reviewed, interpreted, and implemented product safety regulations; ANSI, CEN, and ISO.
  • Designed and analyzed R&D experiments in support of product development engineering including factorial Design of Experiments, (DOE), focused on increasing product power and performance, decreasing cost and weight, while maintaining or increasing durability.
  • Developed and implemented Highly Accelerated Life Testing using strain gauge test data in conjunction with finite element and probabilistic fatigue analyses … Six Sigma Green Belt Project.
  • Designed and implemented a reliable probabilistic method for analyzing fatigue failures in case hardened steel investment castings.
  • Commissioned to develop and instruct ‘In-House’ classes in Fatigue Analysis, Design of Experiments, and Understanding Reliability Analysis.
  • Created, published, and implemented the Paslode Engineering ‘Validation Handbook’, a comprehensive book of all procedures for product testing, engineering experiments, and validation.
  • Championed a cultural change in the Paslode Marketing and Engineering departments from using loose qualitative performance definitions to using verifiable data-driven quantitative requirements.
  • Managed projects, staffing, and budget for Paslode Pneumatic Tool Unit Validation Department; including two Lab Technicians and a variable workforce of twelve contract employees.  Managed Duo-Fast Engineering Services Department; including a permanent staff of nine and a variable workforce of seven contract employees.
  • Successfully doubled the output of the Duo-Fast Test Lab while reducing labor costs by 33% through the use of continuous improvement programs focused on workflow and data management.
  • Commissioned to solve a critical product safety fatigue failure in a pneumatic tool which precipitated a total product recall.  Designed and managed automatic accelerated life test fixtures for 24/7 operation, analyzed failures, and successfully redesigned the tool to ‘fail safe’ by replacing a crucial component in the field precluding the cost/logistics of recovering/redesigning/rebuilding the entire tool.
  • Trained Kanematsu-NNK Corporation, Duo-Fast Division (Atsugi City, Japan) engineers in the proper interpretation of and testing for compliance with CEN/ISO regulations for Hand-Arm Vibrations and Acoustic Noise Emission to obtain ‘CE Marking’ for their products.
  • Served as Technical Representative to the International Staple, Nail, and Tool Association.
  • Coordinated the relocation of the Engineering Department to Huntley, IL; on to Elgin, IL; and ultimately to Lake Forest, IL.


Education: B.S.M.E. (Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering)  Milwaukee School of Engineering, Milwaukee, WI

Associate in Applied Science in Mechanical Design   Gateway Technical Institute, Racine, WI