The Real Benefit Exercise takes the sting out of losing a job and setting the emotionally distraught job seeker along a steady path toward reemployment. The video offers a wide range of basic, upbeat, straight-from-the-shoulder strategies that can be used by technical, professional, and managerial job hunters. Through role-playing the “right and wrong ways” to respond to interview questions, career coach Scott Sargis urges job seekers to research each prospective employer, videotape practice interviews, learn to field illegal, pointed, or embarrassing questions, and always focus on how you, the interviewee, meet a prospective employer’s needs. With its beneficial approach, this program will find use with individuals, public libraries, and corporate HR departments — Recommended. — Nancy Z. Spillman Economic Education Enterprises Canoga Park, CA


Enter The Career Doctor

Learning The Real Benefit Exercise

Ten Caveats Of Interviewing

Meet The Dream Team

Applying What You’ve Learned

Phone Interviews

Group Interviews

In Conclusion


By Scott Sargis
Published in Staffing Industry Review
October, 2004