The Power Of Push In Your Job Search

Late last night when I was mopping around, a friend of mine named Greg called to encourage me to go out. Though I didn’t want to I pushed myself to do so and as a result I had a great time. This is a vivid demonstration of the POWER OF PUSH! When you do not want to engage in job-hunting activities is the precise time that you should push yourself to do so. In my case if I stayed home I would have binge ate many needless calories. Instead, I pushed to go out, pushed to not eat when I was out and had a great time including meeting many interesting contacts. Once again, this is an example of what you need to do when you are “down in the dumps” and do not want to exert any effort.

Remember: LIfe is not fair and the world doesn’t revolve around you. For example, just because you sent out 1000 resumes and didn’t get an interview does not mean that you should give up! On the 1001st resume you may land a top interview which will lead to your dream job!