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Too Little Too Late

President Obama’s recent policy change allows some people who came illegally to the U.S. as children to apply for work permits. Unfortunately, it does not solve the larger question of immigration reform. Instead, it was a very calculated move by a very calculated and skillful politician who fears losing re-election.

Despite our current employment woos, we need major immigration reform. Immigrants are the backbone of this country and provide a huge infusion of ideas and labor, which can help our country grow. Therefore, we should spend a lot of time on developing a comprehensive plan that:

  1. Rewards those who came into this country legally.
  2. Allows easier access to top-notch talent (especially technical and scientific experts in growing fields such as nanotechnology).
  3. Provides more extensive standards for entrance (e.g. service to the country).
  4. Provides more barriers for criminals and terrorists from entering.
  5. More quickly and easily deports criminals and terrorists if they do slitter in.
Eventually the jobs market will improve. Therefore, it is essential to solve this problem quickly so that we can have a wealth of new talent to help this country in the future.


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