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We are recruiting for Senior Electrical Engineer candidates at our new, Fort Worth Texas facility My client has recently built a new Research & Development facility near Ft. Worth, Texas (actually Mansfield, Texas). As a result, they have two newly-created Senior Electrical Engineer positions. Please let me know if you know of anyone who may be interested.

The 2 newly created R&D openings at their new design lab in a suburb of Ft. Worth, Texas. In the positions you would be developing the next generation of microprocessor-based (e.g. TI-like devices or MSP 430) testing equipment used by electricians, cable Internet installers and telephony technicians.

Our Company: 

We have a 155-year history of developing the premier brand of Hand Tools and electronic test and measurement instruments targeting professional tradesmen.


You will have full project responsibilities for the design and development of Video, Data, and Voice (VDV) Test and Measurement (T&M) products from concept to product launch including conceptual design, firmware design, analog hardware design, digital hardware design and board design. Many of your projects will be custom design and NOT off-the-shelf components.

You will work closely with a Product Manager and engineering teams to define, develop, and deliver future products to the test and measurement device market place.


We seek 2 senior electrical engineering design generalists equally capable of firmware design, analog hardware design, digital hardware design and board design. Since most of our work is custom development, we prefer candidates who have done custom hardware design and not off-the-shelf system engineering.

Also, ideally, we would prefer someone who has a lot of fiber optics experience because many of our new products have a fiber optics component.

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Denny Beasley

March 12, 2014 at 4:16 pm

I have 30 years of design experience, 12 patents issued, 4 pending. I specialize in taking a concept through all phases of production and testing. I develop embedded digital designs with broad product flexibility through self adapting behaviors or user selectivity. I am a BSEE, have proven skills in electro-mechanical, magnetics designs fixed and electromotive (high and low frequency ), plasma physics, lighting, embedded software development, power supply design and thermal management. Designs are vetted by modeling and substantiated by carefully designed testing regiments.

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