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Memorial Day: Time For Recruiting Planning

Recruiting planning for your next year should start with Memorial Day. This is in addition to celebration and relaxation. Especially engage your recruitment teams to plan for future R&D, technical, engineering, scientific and IT talent for high demand fields like AI, VR and robotics.

The most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) figures revealed increased hiring of temporary (contract) workers by most companies. This is usually a precursor to intensified permanent hiring. In their most recent monthly labor analysis, the BLS reported that U.S. companies employed 7,900,000 contract workers, which is an increase of 278,000 over the previous month. Furthermore, we have noticed anecdotally that many of our clients have substantially increased their hiring of contract workers. A lot of which are then converted to full time employment after several months of trial.

As a result, we recommend a summer recruitment audit to project your future employment needs. This should include:

  • Projected staffing needs over the next 12 months.
  • A thorough analysis of the available talent pool per your projected needs.
  • A comprehensive investigation of your current staffing systems and the external environments that will effect your recruiting including: a) projected hiring needs of your competitors b) any special perks or techniques your competitors are using to attract talent and c) any forecasted changes in the economy, labor pool or legal structure that may effect your future staffing.
  •  Making improvements in your recruiting systems based upon the results of your analysis.

To assist you with this process, besides our core of recruiting, we also offer STAFFING AND ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT CONSULTING. This includes acting as a strategic advisor to share some of the best recruiting and workplace practices worldwide to streamline your staffing methodologies. This will greatly improve your probability of attracting the key talent you desire. Please go to to view some of our best practices.

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