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Big Brother Is Watching!

As Big Data becomes a fixture of office life, companies are turning to tracking devices to gather real-time information on how teams of employees work and interact. Sensors, worn on lanyards or placed on office furniture, record how often staffers get up from their desks, consult other teams and hold meetings.

Businesses say the data offer otherwise hard-to-glean insights about how workers do their jobs, and are using the information to make changes large and small, ranging from the timing of coffee breaks to how work groups are composed, to spur collaboration and productivity.

The caveat is workers have to become more and more cognizant of their actions. Otherwise they risk being disciplined or laid off. This is especially true during these tough employment times when about 16% of the workforce is either: a) unemployed b) underemployed (e.g. involuntarily working part time) or c) has just given up looking!

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