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Last Friday’s monthly figures from the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) continued to show almost 17% of the population either: 1) unemployed or 2) working part time because they could not find a full time job (e.g. the cab driver who drove me to the airport who is a degreed electrical engineer) or 3) having just given up looking. That is almost 1 in 6 of everyone you meet!

However, there were a few glimmers of hope. Manufacturing actually added 36,000 jobs. Health care continued to be an engine of growth by adding 27,000 jobs. Additionally, both transportation and warehousing (added 12,000 jobs) and mining (added 7,000 jobs) ratcheted upward.

As a result, some professions are becoming increasingly more difficult to recruit. To assist you with your current and future recruiting efforts, I have created the 12 Commandments of Recruiting. Please go to

to view them all.

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