Recruiting More Jobs: AI (Artificial Intelligence) Part 1

AI needs to be the focus of job creation with only 98,000 new jobs created last month. This includes artificial intelligence engineering, scientific, IT, research and development and manufacturing jobs

The term artificial intelligence or AI is frequently hurled around the media, but is it hype or reality? It appears to be a genuine, growing field adding employees at an accelerated pace. This is particularly important with the Labor Department reporting this morning the fewest jobs additions in over a decade with only 98,000 new workers added last month. This was despite the 78th straight month of jobs creation and the Institute for Supply Management reporting on Monday that the manufacturing sector expanded in March for the 94th consecutive month, with a manufacturing reading of 57.2.

First Of A 4-Part Series On AI Technology!

Because of the major impact artificial intelligence is already having on the entire world; I have developed this four part series to fully explore AI scientific, engineering and technical innovation and technology. This first part will provide a macro prospective focusing on how AI is currently changing everything.

The next three installments will focus on:

1.    Which companies are most fully utilizing artificial intelligence?

2.    How AI is transforming the workplace?

3.    What your company needs to do to fully harness the power of artificial intelligence?

How Is AI Changing The World?

As I shared during a recent TV appearance, artificial intelligence is fast becoming the next industrial revolution. This includes AI applications ranging from fashion design to driverless pizza delivery. Mark Cuban even recently shared that the world’s first  trillionaire will be generated from AI technology.

Additionally, during a recent Wall Street Journal discussion, Andrew Ng, Chief Scientist at Chinese Internet giant Baidu, and Neil Jacobstein, chair of the artificial intelligence and robotics department at the Silicon Valley think tank Singularity University, both felt that the hype is real!

Mr. Ng likened AI to electricity of 100 years ago and how it changed every single industry! He indicated that artificial intelligence too would impact every major industry and create a lot of new opportunities in the process.  Two examples he cited were: a) vastly improved speech recognition b) massively improved security.

Mr. Jacobstein shared that a team at Northwestern developed artificial intelligence that could solve the Raven Progressive Matrices Test better than the average American! This is an intelligence test of visual and analogical reasoning.  He also referenced a team from Imperial College London that developed AI that could diagnose pulmonary hypertension with 80% accuracy. This is better than the 60% average accuracy of trained cardiologists!

Proof Of AI Expansion & Jobs Also From Our Recruiting Team!

AI job orders have been soaring according to our technical recruiting and engineering recruitment divisions. Additionally, job candidates, other recruiters and internal employer staffing departments have all reported a rapid increase in job vacancies for artificial intelligence employment needs over the past year.

Recruitment of scientists, engineers and candidates for cutting-edge technology artificial intelligence applications such as Big Data, IoT (Internet of Things) and robotics have all been particularly difficult due to talent demand far exceeding supply! Proof of this AI staffing shortage is evidenced by one new online artificial intelligence job advertisement popping up almost every minute. This is particularly true for engineering, scientific, IT (Information Technology), R&D (Research and Development) or manufacturing technology job vacancies.

Future Three Artificial Intelligence Articles!

As I shared earlier, this is the first of a four part series. Next week’s installment will focus on the top ten leaders in artificial intelligence, such as Intel, which are fighting to launch the most cutting edge AI applications. The third installment will discuss ways AI will be used for recruiting candidates and managing workers. Finally, I will discuss the need for and steps to secure a Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer (CAIO) in order to fully harness the power of artificial intelligence for your company. I hope you enjoy.

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