New Year’s Resolution: Apply SEO To Turbocharge Your Job Search Results!

Today’s unemployment rate of 9.4% marked the 20th straight month of 9.4% or higher, which is a record high! Furthermore, only 103,000 jobs were created in December. Despite these dire numbers, job seekers can find both jobs and strategies to land jobs from SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

In addition to being an expert on jobs, careers and labor issues, I have built up one of the largest SEO groups in the Chicago area with almost 500 members (Please go to more).I have done so because: 1) search engines are the new Yellow Pages 2) the field of SEO focuses on getting you ranked high with search engines and 3) there are many ways SEO practices can be adapted to help job seekers stand out during these tough employment times. One helpful technique that can be borrowed from SEO is contributing to social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Especially on topics related to your expertise, this can get you noticed by search engines and in turn employers eager to hire someone with your proficiency.