We have recently launched our STAFFING CONSULTING PRACTICE to augment our successful recruiting business.

To differentiate us versus other consultants, we have retained several leading investigative experts including Dr. Jerrold Post who created the political personality profile division at the CIA. He is available to evaluate your corporate executives, including providing psychological testing and one-on-one assessments, to predict who will be most successful given your constraints and goals.

Our three primary areas of consulting focus are:
1) BACKGROUND INVESTIGATIONS: Please go to for more details on our trademarked investigation process.
2) RECRUITING TRAINING. The main goals are: a) reducing hiring errors and b) lowering cost-per-hire. Our instruction will significantly improve your managers’ abilities to: a) secure more information during interviews b) develop standardized recruiting practices and c) adopt state-of-the-art recruiting methods.
3) STRATEGIC TALENT ASSESSMENT. The main objective is providing you independent and expert talent evaluations for: a) potential hires b) candidates for promotion or c) those to retain or discharge during a downturn or acquisition.

Please let me know if you or any of your colleagues needs any further information on our new practice.