New BLS Stats Illustrate Unemployment Is Still Painfully High, But One Sector Is Begging For Job Applicants!

Today’s unemployment rate remaining devastatingly high at 9.6% means 14,800,000 Americans still cannot find work! However, there is one industry that is pleading for candidates, SEM (Search Engine Marketing)! The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) recently announced that the North American SEM industry will grow 14% this year to $16.6 billion! This contrasts with contraction in most other sectors! What’s more SEM can be easily transitioned into from many troubled fields! For example, it’s a perfect match for anyone in direct marketing or quantitative analysis. Furthermore, cutting-edge SEM techniques can be successfully applied to job-hunting strategies, which will make candidates stand out among a sea of competition!

For the 5th straight year, from Tuesday, October 19th through Thursday, October 21st, I will be covering the annual SES show (Search Engine Strategies- for my blog and clients. This conference provides the world’s most advanced expert information on SEM. Additionally; I head up one of the largest SEM groups in the Chicago area. As a result, I regularly recruit top SEM experts for my clients and advise them on which SEM strategies are best for their needs. The keys are: 1) search engines are the new Yellow Pages and 2) the field of SEM provides revolutionary strategies for ranking products, services and job seekers high with search engines. As a result, this growing field is generating countless high paying jobs and unique job-hunting techniques! For example, candidates can research and uncover relevant keywords and sprinkle them throughout their resume, job application and social media sites they frequent. This can vault them to the top of search engines and a hiring company’s attention!